Is this a real 1958 Kenyan birth record?

Is this a real 1958 Kenyan birth record? Is this a real person? Mombasa District, Coast Province. Colony an…

Above is a scan of a purportedly tangible, and government (Colony and Protectorate of Kenya) issued, Certificate Of Register Of Birth reflecting an ‘entry in the Register of Births for the District of Mombasa‘.

The original online 08.03.2009 source (link no longer works):

The Not Another Conspiracy blog appears to have been ‘deleted as Spam‘ on 05.08.2010.   Read more at:

However, the blog appears to have been reactivated (temporarily) at some point in 2011 because I remember viewing it again in April, 2011 at which time I saved the scanned image of the purported 1958 Kenyan birth record and uploaded it to my Patriot1980 account.

Examination of the document (image) by Lucas D. Smith:

1.   I have no idea whatsoever, and haven’t for two years now, whether or not the document is an authentic 1958 colonial/protectorate Kenyan birth record.

2.   The birth record is NOT a hospital birth record nor was it physically filled out by hospital staff.

          a.   The document was issued on the 23rd day of May, 1958.

          b.   The date of birth listed is the 4th day of April, 1958.

          c.   The document is based on a …entry in the Register of Births…

          d.   No signature(s) for attending doctor or other hospital designee.

          e.   No signature(s) for parent(s).

3.   Laurence Noel Leach was a real person.  He ceased to act as Deputy Registrar-General with effect from 21st July, 1958:

4.   The document lists Coast as a Province in 1958.   This is historically accurate.

5.   An online search of the name Philip James Rivers brings up just three search results.   I don’t find that by itself to be atypical or significant, however, the three search results appear to be modern online records that may have, possibly, been placed in an effort to give the appearance that there is/was a real person named Philip James Rivers.

6.   Again, this is not a hospital issued birth record.

I do not know of any other Colonial or Protectorate birth records from Kenya that have ever been disclosed online other than Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, certificate of birth.

Furthermore, the 1961-era Kenyan birth record images that World Net Daily originally displayed back on August 6th, 2009 were issued in 1964, after the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya became the Republic of Kenya.   The use of the language 1961-era is very deceptive.   Classic Jerome Corsi and World Net Daily.

I welcome and implore all readers, Obotopians as well, to share your thoughts here on any of the above data.   Thank you.

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25 Responses to Is this a real 1958 Kenyan birth record?

  1. Jamuhuri says:

    YES !!!!!! That was how the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE looked like then (1958) before it was modified later to look like this one….–101_9889.jpg%201024%D7768%20pixels.jpg

    The hospitals NEVER issued A BIRTH CERTIFICATE but issued a small piece of NOTIFICATION TO THE REGISTRAR at headquarters …..with the following information…..

    Reference No…………………

    Registration District ………………

    Name and Surname ………………..

    Sex ………………………..

    Date of Birth …………………

  2. And JUST one more thing if you will allow//

    And no disrespect or distain is intended for the OFFICE of our GREAT PRESIDENCY and White House.

    Respect and honor and a great varity of reasons hold the United States Presidency in our Prayers and hopes for continued blessing and truthfull success.

    BUT the truth is STILL THE TRUTH .

    oBOMA does what he has to do~~~ just to get by.

    Feeding his donors and supporters Un merited fuel, is HIS only OBJECTIVE.

    this is HIS main OBJECTIVE.

    The only REASON things get done, is because the people who SURROUND oBOMA, Drape the

    American Flag around him, WHILE HE shoves it off of himself, in disheveled pride. and NUMB ignorance.

    While, He admits, Boldly and sneeringly, he has done plenty of COCAINE.

    Please Use your head and tell us, BECAUSE we need and deserve to know…

    Why would we want a NUMB cacK heaD in the White House.

    oBOMA should have stayed *( WHERE HE WAS ) ~ in the cracK house. !

  3. Mik Taerg says:

    this is the revised “Births and deaths Registrations Act” Cap 149

    the relevant forms are on pages 20-23

    The revised edition notes the dates of all changes made from the first Law of 1950.

    The fee is still 5 sh

    This documents must be studied in order to understand that:

    Every Kenyan could have obtained a birth certificate from 1950 onward,
    allthough this was not made compulsory untill the 60’s. 1965 for Mombasa.

    The forms have not substantially changed.
    The registration procedure is the same.

    What many people miss is that Obama Sr. could have obtained a valid Kenyan BC , stating a birth abroad, for his son. I believe Obama could even obtain one now.

  4. Jamuhuri says:

    Att: MIK TAERG,

    It is really mind boggling to see Smith’s outrageous fake Kenyan BC being accepted by a few fringes in America as gospel truth.
    As a Kenyan, I am very offended by Smith’s naked scam / scum.
    Like I said earlier I was born in Kenya, precisely at the PUMWANI MATERNITY HOSPITAL, the biggest maternity hospital in Nairobi.
    Then it was not mandatory for my parents to have a BC, but it was MANDATORY for the hospital to notify in writing the REGISTRAR OF BIRTHS in Nairobi district at JOGOO House (later NYAYO house).
    It is in Jogoo house where every one went to get their official CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH ( aka birth certificate)
    This document is very important in Kenya.(for Passports, drivers licence, school registration ,Bank accounts, etc)
    and it has not changed format significantly since it was first issued (ESPECIALLY THE RED COLOUR WRITING ON IT).
    Lucas Daniel Smith knows that YOU AND I are right in this matter….THE PROOF BEING IN PAGES 21 , 22 and 23 of the “Births and deaths Registrations Act” Cap 149.
    It is time Smith capitulated in view of the overwhelming and irrefutable tangible evidence against his cheap and fake scum BC.
    I laughed when I saw the FOOTPRINT!!!!!!!

  5. @ Mik Taerg:

    If you would like to continue posting comments on this blog then I suggest that you comply with my previously posted stipulation. Days ago you made a reckless (and deceptively misleading to other readers) comment on this blog to the effect that 1961 Kenya BC’s being all over the web.

    I then replied to you in a comment that you had 24 hours to cite at least 5 online sources. You then went quite and only resurfaced today.

    I suggest that before you make another comment on this blog (under any screen name) that you do one of the following:

    A. List 5 different online sources with images of different 1961 Kenyan BC’s. And do not forge the images.

    B. Admit that you made a mistake (or lied) and that there are no other 1961 Kenyan (Colony / Protectorate) BC’s that have ever, at least as of yet, been found online.

    If you do not comply with the above listed stipulation you will be banned from posting further comments on this blog.

    Lastly, I suspect that there is some tie between you and ‘Jamuhuri’. Its possible that ‘Jamuhuri’ is just another screen name that you are using. Its also possible that ‘Jamuhuri’ is a friend or associate of yours who is NOT Kenyan NOR has ever set foot in Kenya. If I find later that this is a setup, e.g, you forge some sort of 1950’s Kenyan hospital notification or other Kenyan hospital birth record that ‘Jamuhuri’ just happens to dig out of the attic or basement, then you Kim/Mik will never, not at any point, post on this blog.

    IP addresses are easy to manipulate. I don’t believe that you are in Italy right now. I believe that you are still in San Francisco, CA.

    I warn you again old friend, do not make another comment anywhere on this blog until you have complied with the now twice listed stipulation.

  6. Bruce says:

    @ Jamuhuri:

    I assume you will be making available for public viewing, within the next day or so, an appropriately redacted copy of YOUR KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE. An online ‘scribd’ document would be one convenient means of doing this, but you may choose another suitable option.

    Mr. Smith has made freely available for everyone to examine in great detail, a high resolution image of Obama’s 1961 CPGH-BC. It has been viewed or downloaded nearly 13,000 times on his WasObamaBornInKenya website and nearly 3,000 times on his Patriot1980 scribd account. Over 535 copies were sent via USPS Certified mail to each member of Congress as an attachment to his July 4, 2010 ‘Letter to Congress’. Furthermore, I suspect other, lower resolution, copies of Obama’s CPGH-BC have been viewed on the internet well over 100,000 times.

    We look forward to be be given the opportunity to view your redacted Kenyan BC.

  7. MikTaerg says:


    Jamahuri was not known to me before his posts here. Concerning your claim that I am lying when I state that there are other old colonial Kenyan bc’s on the net, well one was just posted by you. The other ones are there, Google Books and private blogs will help you.

  8. MikTaerg says:

    what you don’t understand is that a document issued in 2009 (a certified copy) is issued by the Republic of Kenya not by the Protectorate. What you also don’t understand is that the Republic of Kenya is legally entitled to issue certifications for documents produced in the former Colony and Protectorate. If your document is real then the Republic’s certification exists and is the only document that can validate your claims. I suggest you a couple of months of study of the Kenyan constitution and how colonial laws were incorporated in the body of the Laws of the Republic. The previously linked “Births and Deaths Regiostrations Act” is a perfect example of what I am saying.

    It is necessary that the Republic of Kenya validates your documents by producing either the certification of the Birth Record or the Certified Copy of the Certificate of Birth. In case no Birth Certificate was asked for in 1961, since it wasn’t compulsory, then an affidavit will suffice for a late entry into the register. If your document is valid you can produce it as evidence for a late registration.

    If the Birth Certificate was produced in 1961 you can enquire with

    If the Birth Certificate was not produced (not compulsory at the time) but you still have sufficient evidence to prove the birth:


    “late birth” means the birth of a person who is still alive which has occurred in Kenya since 20th April, 1904, the particulars whereof have not been registered in the register of births within six months of the date of such birth

    the necessary forms are in the previous link, you can search within it for:

    it clarly stated that affidavits are not sufficient but that HOSPITAL CERTIFICATES
    are accepted.

  9. MikTaerg says:

    Lucas to be clear. I am offering you a way out.

    IF YOUR DOCUMENT IS REAL then you can use it, along with the form I have provided, to ask for a certified copy or ro enter a late registration.

    IF YOUR DOCUMENT IS REAL, then it will be accepted. Off course THEY, the people at the Public Registrar, would check this with the Hospital.


  10. MikTaerg says:

    To all those interested and concernd. I have made a serious proposal to Lucas.
    and it is quite simple
    Fill out the required form for late registrations (this can be done for all those born in Kenya after 1904), here it is

    Attach the Hospital Certificate as evidence
    Send it to the Public Registrar of Kenya

    Please complete this form and return it to the Principal Registrar, P.O. Box 49179, Nairobi, together with all relevant documents
    and the correct fee.
    In addition Form Al (Form 1 in the Schedule to the Births and Deaths Registration Rules) must be completed in duplicate and
    accompany your application.

  11. MikTaerg says:

    Am I asking too much from Lucas by suggesting him to let the gvt of Kenya verify his doc’s s authenticity ?

  12. Bruce says:

    It is interesting to compare the data given in ‘INFORMANT’ slot on the three (assumed authentic) government-issued Kenyan birth certificates mentioned so far on this thread.

    (1) BC supplied by Lucas Smith
    Identification: Rivers, 1958, Coast Province
    Where Born: Mombasa
    INFORMANT: K.J. Rivers (Father)

    (2) BC supplied by MikTaerg
    Identification: Vanjiku, 1985, Central Province
    Where Born: Muriranjas Hospital
    INFORMANT: Sgd. Midwife

    (3) BC supplied by Jamuhuri
    Identification: Mueni, 2008, Nairobi Province
    Where Born: Nairobi Hospital
    INFORMANT: Sgd. Parent

    What is interesting to me on the three documents listed above, is that the Kenyan government birth-records office seems to be getting its information regarding the birth from an INDIVIDUAL INFORMANT, rather than from the birth hospital. If true, this seems very strange.

    It almost seems like the hospitals are functioning, to a certain extent, independently from the government records office. I assume many births in Kenya occur at home, and in these cases, it seems natural that an INDIVIDUAL INFORMANT would be used as the source of the data listed on the BC. However, one would think that the hospitals, when involved, would be in direct communication with the government records office regarding births at their facilities.

    Rhetorical Question: Was the Coast Province General Hospital in any official way involved with sending birth records to the government records office back in 1961, following the birth of BHO? Surely, the answer has to be ‘yes’ to the above. However, after viewing the three different data entries for INFORMANT on the records discussed here, I’m not so sure!

  13. Bruce says:

    – Elaborating just a bit further —
    If, back in August 1961, Stanley Ann Dunham (mother) told the CPGH that she, as the INFORMANT, would be supplying the required information to the government records office AND THEN DIDN’T — Perhaps BHO II does not even have an official Kenyan government BC! I didn’t mention BHO Sr. as a possible INFORMANT because we don’t know for sure if he was present at the birth or not.

    Thus, it is possible that the CPGH BC is the ONLY document that exists showing that BHO II was born in Kenya.

    Ann would have no particular reason to have her son’s birth officially registered in Kenya, since she was planning to make arrangements to have his birth registered in Hawaii under the lax laws in effect at the time.

    Besides, she was in a hurry and had to get up to Nairobi to catch BOAC Flight BA162 to London and then transfer to the recently scheduled non-stop BOAC flight to Vancouver, Canada. It wouldn’t be long before she would be starting night-school extension classes in the fall semester at the University of Washington in Seattle, just 110 miles or so from Vancouver. I’m sure the last thing in her mind at the time was to fill out some stupid government ‘birth registry’ form in Kenya.

  14. Mik Taerg says:


    the reason for the informant not bring the hospital must be clarified. In Public Health Care systems the hospital is NEVER the informant. The Kenyan procedure for birth registrations is essentially the British system and it wotks like this:

    the hospital NOTIFIES birth to the parents only
    the hospital issues a Birth Notification to the Parents
    The Parents bring the Notification to the Registrar which enters the newborn in the Public Registrar of Births
    At the parents’ request the Registrar can then issue a Birth Certificate

    As you possibly know more than 50% of births in Kenya occur outside hospitals, and this was the main reason to the difficulties in making birth registrations compulsory.
    This is also the reason for the frequent “late registrations” for people who suddenly , even at an advanced age, need a certificate.

    For both these reasons I ask you to consider my proposal to Lucas seriously.



    a)the informant does not necessarely have to be a parent, it has to be someone with good knowledge of the person, Anyways the form I previously linked allows you to state your reasons for asking.

    b) a “hospital certificate” is specifically described as supporting evidence

    c) affidavits are not permitted

    d)it can be sent by mail

    now read carefully.

    From the above and from my other recent posts it is clear that HOSPITAL CERTIFICATES exist in Kenya since they are mentioned in the regulations of a constitutiional law. This is a point in Lucas’ favor.

    Ot also clear that if such a DOCUMENT IS AUTHENTIC it can be verified and valdated by the registrar. The Registrar would indeed have to contact CPGH.


    if such a demand were sufficiently supported by media rumour (WND, Jim Corsi, Orly Taitz) ANY RESPONSE or SILENCE form the registrar would create noise.

    the possible outcomes:

    The Registrar considers Lucas not qualified for the request or does not reply:
    you can spin about a Kenyan connivence and coverup

    The Registrar declares that Lucas document is false (possibly explaining why it is so)and that no such document has been confirmed by CPGH

    Teh Registrar declares the document authentic

    So keep in mind that I agree with you that Lucas’ document is the only document stating Obama’s birth at CPGH but I feel we know have the means to make one final step forward.


  15. Bruce says:


    Thanks for your supplemental information and clarification on the matter. I went back and re-read your earlier-today posts on the topic and can now better understand what you are proposing. I apologize, as much of it went over my head the first time through, and I didn’t make the proper connection.

    I’ll have to let Lucas answer you regarding the wisdom of his actually filling out the form and submitting it to the authorities in Kenya.

  16. @ MikTaerg:

    Mik Taerg / Great Kim,

    You are now officially banned from this website.

    I’m disgusted and rather fatigued with your lies and deceitful ways. You stated specifically that 1961 Kenyan birth certificates are all over the net.

    I warned you, twice now, to either provide 5 examples (even though I knew that you couldn’t even provide a single image because there aren’t any online other than Obama’s 1961 CPGH bc) or to admit that you’d made that statement in error (or lied).

    You show up here now, for a second time after being warned twice, rambling on and citing an image of a Republic of Kenya birth record abstract that was issued in the year 1991 (for a 1985 birth). There’s nothing ‘colonial’ or ‘protectorate’ about that and theres certainly not anything ‘1961’ about that.

    And the other day you cited a Republic of Kenya 2008 birth record. (And then later your pal ‘Jamuhuri’ just happens to cite the same image).

    Then you attempt to change your claim of ‘1961’ to ‘old colonial’ even though you haven’t even cited a single image of a ‘old colonial’ Kenyan birth record.

    One minute you’re claiming that hospital birth certificates did not exist in Kenya and then the next minute you are telling me that Kenya will accept a Kenyan hospital birth certificate inorder to issue a late registration of birth record.

    I’m fatigued with your forgeries, false claims, outright lies and trickery. You remind me a cop/police officer. Have you talked to Dr Maganga lately? Opps, I forgot, you lied about that too. Btw, you aren’t my friend so please don’t take my recent remarks of ‘old friend’ as being literal. ‘Old friend’ is often a term for a long time adversary, agent, antagonist or archenemy.

    Take your games and go elsewhere. Try being adult-like and admit when you’ve made a mistake.

    Perhaps you can start your own website or team up 50/50 with Jim Byrne and start a Google Search-based detective agency.

  17. Great Kim says:

    well done. Waiting for you to activate document validation procedure as provided

  18. Phyllis says:

    Have you ever wondered why people who are not wanted insist on hanging around? . They insist on lying, using phoney information, going off subject, and constantly repeat themselves with their lies like a broken record. Then they don’t understand why they are not wanted.
    Kimbo is one of those. No matter what you do, he insists on hanging on. You ban him and he comes right back with a different name as if to say, “I’ll show you!” He came here immediately after you started this blog which means he has been following your every move. Jeez! You’d think he would get a life of his own instead of trying to live off your life.

  19. Max says:

    what does Sgd. means?

  20. bob says:

    MikTaerg wrote:


    There are a few ways to verify Lucas’ ” document”, but he won’t. He knows it is fake. He can’t even prove he has been to Kenya ( an entry stamp into the U.S is not proof you have been to Kenya. You should file you youtube videos under fantasy).

  21. bob says:

    @ bob:
    sorry, typo; You should file your Youtube videos under Fantasy.

  22. Bruce says:

    @ Max:
    It is my understanding that the abbreviation ‘Sgd’ on the documents stands for ‘signed’.

    Thank you for asking!

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