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BEHOLD – The tragic, allegorical ‘2016 STAMPEDE OF THE RINOs’

Image Credit Links: (1) (2) Can the herd of irrational ‘TRUMP-HATING RINOs’ be turned in time to avoid their disastrous plunge over the cliff? More importantly: Will the RINOs ultimately succeed, with the help of our Controlled MSM, … Continue reading

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Donald J. Trump, as elected POTUS, together with Team Arpaio, will provide us with the best chance in 2017 of exposing KENYAN-BORN OBAMA as a LIAR, FRAUD and IMPOSTOR

It is estimated that Trump will initially need to acquire about 1100 delegates in order to ultimately assemble the required 1237 delegates necessary to be declared the Republican nominee for POTUS on the first official delegate ballot. RNC rules member: … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz – “Déjà vu all over again” – POTUS RELATED ELIGIBILITY PROBLEMS? – Obama Born in Kenya, Cruz Born in Canada

“A FRAUDULENT CAMPAIGN” Exclusive: Write-In Republican Presidential Candidate Files Ballot Challenges Against “Ted ‘Canadian’ Cruz,” Hearing on Monday Morning in New Jersey The Post & Email by Sharon Rondeau 4/9/2016 Excerpt: (Apr. 9, 2016) — Catholic University of America Clinical … Continue reading

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