Rules for writing

1.   I use strikethrough if I need to delete something that I’ve already published in a blog report.   In other words, in lieu of physically deleting the text, I go into edit and change the text that I want to delete to strikethrough.

2.   If I add text to the body of a blog report that I’ve already published I go into edit and and add new text in bold color red.

3.   Regulation 1 and 2 are not applicable to fixing typos and tune-ups of other errors and, such as misspelled words (e.g., teh for the, andthen for and then, he wents for he went).  Furthermore, syntax, typos, errors and the many other grammatical errors that may appear in my blog reports will likely NOT be corrected or tuned-up’d unless I foresee some significant or atypical hindrance that might obstruct the reader’s ability to understand a specific point made, position taken, discussion or finding of facts.

4.   Regulation 1 and 2 are not applicable to the comments section of this blog.

4 Responses to Rules for writing

  1. Cindy says:

    Obama claim to Hawaii birth place eerily verified by Google maps in Kenya?… right outside the GATES OF HELL National Park.

    Google appears to be removing Hawaii (Dormitory), Kenya off the internet and maps. Near A104 and B3 roads, between Limuru and Brackenhurst, Misiri-Informal Settlement

  2. Bruce says:


    — but seriously:

    The Hawaii Dormitory was at one time a boarding facility located at the Loreto Girls High School in Limuru, Kenya. However, it was demolished a little over a year ago according to the following statement, which appears on the school website

    There are eight dormitories: Tazmania, Mauritius, Bahamas, Bermudas, Seychelles, Haiti, Rusinga and Taiwan.

    Hawaii dorm, one of the oldest, was demolished to pave way for the school’s ongoing expansion. There is an ultra modern dormitory under construction and which will be in use by April 2012.

    The schools main website is:

    The relative location of the Loreto High School compared to that of the ‘Gates of Hell’ National park can be viewed at the following link:,36.797333&spn=1.173974,2.113495&sll=4.68593,38.468628&sspn=4.679646,8.453979&hnear=Hawaii+Dormitory,+Central+Province,+Kenya&t=h&z=10

    Mass Celebration: Students at the Loreto Girls High School, Limuru, Kenya

  3. Inspector Smith says:

    For some reason unknown to me the plugin that allows readers to attach picture files to their comments was recently (maybe two weeks ago?) deactivated here at the WOBIK blog.

    I have now activated the plugin again and readers should now be able to attach picture files to their comments by clicking the “Browse” button beneath their comment (must be attached before they hit “Post Comment”).

    Below I have attached a picture that I took the other day of the one of the entrances to the Palacio de Cine taken at Sambil mall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    I took the picture because I was worried that The Fogbow member Raicha might try to claim that this is the Palace where the National Police are really and truly housed at.

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