Black Lives Matter Protests Turn Violent – Mob Attacks St. Louis Police on Second Night of Mass Protests

Gateway Pundit
by Jim Hoft


Black Lives Matter activists shut down West County Mall in the St. Louis area on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday night the protesters marched in University City “Loop” restaurant district.

The Loop is just west of the St. Louis city limits and is a very popular restaurant district.

At least three seven protesters were arrested when the mob started hurling objects at police.


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6 Responses to Black Lives Matter Protests Turn Violent – Mob Attacks St. Louis Police on Second Night of Mass Protests

  1. Bruce says:

    ‘Peaceful’ Black Lives Matter Mob Vandalizes Several Businesses, Busts Out Car Windows, Starts 18 Fires

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    by Jim Hoft

  2. Bruce says:

    ELEVEN St. Louis Police Officers Injured During Violent Protest – Female Cop Has Broken Jaw

    Gateway Pundit
    by Jim Hoft

  3. Bruce says:

    Protesters Storm St. Louis Mall Chanting “No Justice, No Profits!” – Mall Shuts Down (VIDEO)

    Gateway Pundit
    by Jim Hoft

  4. Bruce says:

    Another night of violence in St. Louis

    American Thinker / Blog
    by Rick Moran

  5. Bruce, thanks for posting. However, this recent trouble in St. Louis is directly related to former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley getting away with what appears to be murder (he killed Anthony Lamar Smith a few years ago).

    I believe it was Friday (two days go) when St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson acquitted him of murder. It wasn’t a jury trial (which is fine, that’s a right in most states to just have the case tried in front a judge and no jury).

    However, in this case the prosecutor, the judge and the police officer probably all knew what the ‘plan’ was. For example, there was only the option of trying him for the top level charge and no option for the judge to find him guilty of a lesser charge (e.g., murder 1, murder 2, manslaughter…).

    On video the police officer can be heard that is going kill this n-gger mother-f-er during the car chase. Also eye witnesses indicate that the police officers planted a gun on the suspect after shooting him.

    Lastly, the only DNA found on the gun belonged to the police officer. How is that possible if it was the suspects gun?

    This whole situation, and many others like it, are just making it worse for whites in America. I imagine that with another 25 years that it’s going to be VERY difficult for whites in America to function freely within society in the United States.

    Then, maybe after another 25 years (50 in total) , whites in America will be so little in number that they will be sort of ghosts which aren’t even paid much attention too other than remnants of a past society.

    It’s horrible to be abused but it can be worse when you are no longer even acknowledged. (Example, indigenous Americans or Indians. Once brutally abused and now just basically a ghost people whom we know exists, and we’ve heard history about them but we act indifferent about them in the present).

  6. Don’t really want to see whites disappear but if some changes aren’t made, by whites themselves (positive changes), I don’t see anything stopping it from happening.

    Moreover, and this is sad to me, I don’t foresee black Americans being treated very well by Hispanic when Hispanics become the majority in the USA and most white are gone.

    Moreover, I foresee welfare programs at that point being, at best, a burrito (not trying to be funny) tossed in the dirt in front of blacks and then the hurling of some Spanglish words about how blacks should get jobs.

    Now having said that..

    I think that the first things that white Americans can do to stop the process of being wiped out would be to understand and admit that there is such a thing as white privilege.

    I’m not saying that we all need to go out and kill ourselves to atone! All that I am saying is just come to the understanding that white privilege is a real thing, and has been for a long time.

    If you owned someone money and you went throughout life pretending that you didn’t and always creating reasons and scenarios about why you don’t really owe the money would that be healthy and wise?

    Why waste the time and energy and always tip toe around?

    Why not pay up and be done with it? And then be able to look your creditor squarely in the eye?

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