Lucas Smith on weights and measures in the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. 1938 Colonial Report. 1944 Mombasa Times And The East Coast Herald.


Yesterday I received a barrage of emails from friends and contacts informing me that The Post & Email website had now published a 07.19.2011 article entitled Exclusive: Interviewee: Obama Born in Kenya, Birth Records are in the Possession of Kenyan Prime Minister.

The P&E’s interviewee is an unnamed person that works for a unnamed business that has unnamed contacts in Kenya.

During the interview with the unnamed person Sharon Rondeau asked the following question:

‘Have you looked at the alleged birth certificate that Mr. Lucas Smith has put out on the internet?’

The unnamed interviewee then provided the following answer:

‘Yes.  I recall that Orly Taitz had submitted it to Judge David O. Carter in her lawsuit.  That was totally bogus and obviously fraudulent because Kenya was a country that was under British rule for many years, and when Obama was born, information on his birth record would have been given in metric measurements:  height, weight, etc.   The document I have seen has it in inches and pounds, so it’s totally fraudulent.’

After reading the article I immediately phoned my agent Sean Boyer in Pennsylvania and asked him to put a call into Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email.  I wanted to be diplomatic with Sharon Rondeau.  I wanted to provide her with a tip off that I would be publishing a blog report, in response to hers, tomorrow and also give her the opportunity to jot down some of my thoughts on her recent article.

The Post & Email’s unnamed interviewee, who works for an unnamed company, who has unnamed contacts in Kenya, is not the first person to challenge the system of weights and measurements that are listed on Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, certificate of birth.   I’ve addressed these specific challenges long ago and I’ve even talked about the weights and measurements in a video, back in April of 2010, that can be viewed on my InspectorSmith youtube channel.  At the foot of this blog report I’ve embedded the said video (divided into Parts 1 thru 3).

At the head of this blog report I’ve provided a scan of page 56 of an official Colonial Report, Annual, from the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya for the year 1938.   I purchased this colonial report back in January of 2010.   I have this tangible report in my personal possession.   In April of 2010 I digitized the entire report and uploaded it, to my Patriot1980, where anyone, including unnamed interviewees, can review its contents.  At the foot of this blog report I’ve also embedded the said upload.

Page 56, subsection Weights and Measures, states that the ‘pound, yard and gallon, identical with those being used in the United Kingdom, are the standard weights and measures of the Colony, while the prescribed degrees of accuracy are similar to those required in Great Britain.’

NOTE: Britain did not officially go metric until the year 1965.  Kenya did not officially go metric until the year 1967.

Prepare to enter the Thursday, February 17, 1944 edition of the ‘The Mombasa Times And The East Coast Herald’!   I have this tangible newspaper, four of them, in my personal possession.  I purchased them in February of 2011.  I have since had two of them undergo the process of encapsulation or double-sided lamination.  The other two I kept out of laminate should the need for forensic examination arise at some point in the future.

The newspapers consist of four pages each.   At the head of this blog report I have attached page 1 and page 3.   Please note the undermentioned weights and measurements that are found throughout pages 1 and 3.  You wont find the metric system mentioned anywhere within.   Furthermore, please read throughout pages 1 and 3 and note all the different dates that are listed in MONTH/DAY/YEAR date format!

Page 1:

JAPANESE VIRTUALLY BEATEN IN THE SOLOMONS:   ‘120 miles’ opposed to kilometers, ‘170 tons’ opposed to metric-tons, ‘113 tons’ opposed to metric-tons, ‘90 tons’ opposed to metric-tons, ‘1000-tons’ opposed to metric-tons, ‘6,500 feet’ opposed to meters and centimeters, ‘250 miles’ opposed to kilometers, ‘850 miles’ opposed to kilometers, ‘4,200 feet’ opposed to meters and centimeters.

Berlin Gets Biggest Blitz Of The War:   ‘2,500 tons’ opposed to metric-tons , ‘20,000 feet’ opposed to meters and centimeters, ‘50 miles’ to kilometers.

Page 3:

Old Town Trader Fined £ 60:   ‘1 ½ lb’ opposed to kilograms, ’20 cents a pound’ opposed to kilograms.

The Milk Shortage ‘3/20 a gallon’ opposed to litres/liters.

Attacked By Rare Rodent:    ‘3 feet long’ opposed to centimeters.

The Post & Email’s interview with the unnamed interviewee, who works for an unnamed company that has unnamed contacts in Kenya, troubles me.   The unnamed interviewee states that the document [Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, certificate of birth that I, Lucas Smith, obtained in Kenya] is totally bogus and obviously fraudulent’.   The unnamed interviewee supplies The Post & Email with just one lonesome and unescorted reason in support of their claim of ‘totally bogus and obviously fraudulent’:  weights on measures on the ‘birth record would have been given in metric measurements’, i.e., not pounds, not ounces and not inches.

Such a counterfactual and erroneous claim leads me to doubt just about anything else that this unnamed interviewee says.   Additionally, such a glitched-up, inaccurate and invalid claim fills me with wary and uncertainty.   What are the precise and true intentions of this unnamed interviewee?

The unnamed interviewee goes on to applaud and praise, sort of like a paid cheerleader, attorney Orly Taitz.   Attorney Taitz has not been very fond of, for quite some time now, Lucas Daniel Smith.

Moreover, the unnamed interviewee states that he/she ‘might still be possible to get it [Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate] but it would cost a lot of money and would be very, very difficult.’

How much money?  The interviewee appears to agree with Sharon Rondeau’s suggestion of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 (yes, millions).

The interviewee talks about other things such as attorney Philip Berg,  Raila Odinga, a claim about hospital records in Mombasa being confiscated (something Jerome Corsi might have invented long ago), and they also refer to Kenya as a third-world country.    I don’t want to cloud things in this otherwise pristine blog report so I’m not going to address my reservations right now regarding these other points.   Perhaps some other day.

Colonial Report Annual Kenya Colony and Protectorate 1938

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  1. SamSewell says:

    Of course! When I saw the article I knew it was wrong. A British colony would have British weights and measures. I am surprised the Post and Email people didn’t catch that obvious error.


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