Charles Edward Lincoln, III, to run for United States Senate 2012. (California)

Photograph to the left: the renowned Charles Edward Lincoln, III.

In California is appears that Lincoln will run for United States Senate in 2012.

He’ll be competing with opponent Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator from California.

You can read all about Lincoln’s plans at his Tierra Limpia blog where he has published a November 19th, 2011 article entitled, ‘FOR FAMILY, HOME, & FREEDOM: Charles Edward Lincoln, III, for United States Senate 2012 (Soliciting Contributions Now)

In Lincoln’s article he reveals what he will do in the United States Senate which includes   ending the mortgage foreclosure crisis, ending Social Security trust fund fraud, repealing the Patriot Act, restoring government accountability, auditing and cutting defense spending, restoring separation of powers, and abolishing government corporations.

If you’d like to get in touch with Lincoln please make use of the following contact information:

Charles Edward Lincoln III for U.S. Senate
952 Gayley Avenue, #143
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(323) 610-0006
(310) 773-6023 (310) 300-4088

If you’d like to see and hear Lincoln in action I have provided an embedded video below in which Lincoln is being interviewed by the curvaceously beautiful Theresa Moore.  In this interview Lincoln elaborates on his expertise in Appeals Courts, Mortgage Securitization, Civil Rights Laws, and how to use Quiet Title Actions to stop the unjust taking of properties through Non Judicial Foreclosures.

Additionally, below is a notarized letter that I sent, in the year 2010, by way of USPS Certified Mail, to Lincoln’s opponent, US Senator Dianne Feinstein in California.

Dianne Feinstein

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6 Responses to Charles Edward Lincoln, III, to run for United States Senate 2012. (California)

  1. Ammie says:

    Lincoln is a thief, no not give him money! He will file a junk lien on your house whis thief partner Peyton Freeman.

  2. dd says:

    Lincoln asked for a $5K retainer from me, he is a disbarred lawyer.
    Then he wanted to come and live with me while he prepared the affidavits.
    Then he said it was for all the research
    He is a scammy leech.
    Kind of pathetic that a man with a doctorate is living off people and filing scam lawsuits and getting money for nothing. I don’t think convicted felons like him can actually vote in an election.

  3. @ dd:

    Can you supply us with more detail? Where and when did this take place? Who are you? What’s the case number?

    Thank you.

  4. dd says:

    @ Lucas Daniel Smith:
    This summer, a friend said she knew an attorney that could help with an inheritance case I was going to file. So I called Charles, not really knowing who he is. And he said in the first 4 minutes on the phone he wanted $5K as a retainer. Then it got creepy he said he needed to come live with me (right away) while he worked on the case. I had never meet him etc. An attorney doesn’t need to “live” with you to prepare a case. He can’t charge a retainer, he isn’t an attorney. I pointed that out and it changed to a research fee. After I did some research on his credentials and found out what a fraud he was.. I talked to my friend who recommended him and she said she was a real attorney and could get his license if he paid a fine. She got serious mad at me for telling her the truth about Charles. He has got her wrapped up in his smoothness.

    I almost went to the state attorney and bar associations in my state and California and to file a complaint, but didn’t.

  5. Dave says:

    Charles Edward Lincoln is a con man, he is a convicted felon he was convicted of steeling from his client, forging court documents AND using a fake social security number to open a bank account…give him NO money. If you do he will constantly lie to you, he will keep begging for more and more money, after the money runs out his slime ball partner Peyton Freeman will lien your house or sue you!

    If you pay them 1 penny you will regret it!!!!

  6. Pat says:

    Wow. Good information to know. Thanks all.

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