The Victorian equivalent to pizzagate and the game plan that stopped the pedos. (pizzagate)

Jane Farrell stole 2 boots and was sentenced to do 10 hard days labour. Age 12 — Rabbit Hole: Victorian Child Criminals of Newcastle City Gaol and House of Correction

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The Victorian Era equivalent to Pizzagate and the game plan that stopped the Pedos.

Introduction : About 4 years ago, I came across some haunting and disturbing photos of ragged Victorian era children, sentenced to prison and lashings for stealing food or warm clothing. It led me down a rabbit hole of human trafficking, legalized child rape /prostitution, child labor and its wretched abuses, and the complicity of the elites. The predators were found throughout Victorian society, those at the highest levels of law enforcement, parliament, judicial branches, and even royalty. Today we are called the Pizzagate Movement, back then they were known as the Purity Movement. Link shows similar pictures of the children that triggered this research 4 years ago: (

Summary: History repeats itself: The Purity Movement Activists that fought for the abused and trafficked children left us a game plan that changed the course of history. The world is a safer place for children because of their contributions. This is relevant to the Pizzagate Movement because tt proves beyond a shadow of doubt that a small and fanatical group of people can fight an elite, wealthy, network of pedos and win. If not for the work of: William B. Stead, Josephine Butler, Catherine Booth, Dr. Barnard, and so many, many, more, it would be normal and even socially acceptable today to rape a child. It would be socially acceptable and legal to sell a child’s virginity as a cure to syphilis. These tireless activists are responsible for the idea that children deserve a “childhood.” Our cultural norms of today are due to the battle that was known as the Purity Movement during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era. Factories became known as Satanic Mills and the public awareness and outrage grew. During the industrial and Victorian eras, children were considered fresh meat by elites and pimps who benefited from the cheap labor and sexual exploitation. The abuses were horrific, legal, institutionalized and even accepted by mainstream Victorian society.The aristocracy class was neck deep in the depravity and abuse of these children. None of this is exaggerated, in fact, the photos and testimony will bring tears to your eyes.

(Rule 1) I am sharing this because it relates to Pizzagate, since it demonstrates a historical precedence that elites (members of parliament, judges, law enforcement, and aristocrats) have been abusing and trafficking children for profit for hundreds of years. It demonstrates that laws can be changed and public pressure and awareness can force the hand of reluctant and even complicit leaders to curb the abuses. It is also useful, to understand the strategies that the activists used when fighting against industrial age corporations, royalty, MP’s, police, legislation, and judges. Finally, the activists won, and how they won is relevant. These activists changed the course of history and of our society today. The links below will show the strategies that the Pedo. networks used: such as legislation to protect the predators, the targeting of orphan and poor children by traffickers, the complicity of the elites in law enforcement, and in positions of authority, It will show the media black out of the time and what the activists did to circumvent it. These links will expose the strategies of the Pedo Cabal, but it will also demonstrate how the Purity Activists fought back.

Victorian / Industrial Society the links below will demonstrate the cultural norms and abuses that were common in Victorian Society. Link below will show pics of children and their abusers. ( “Harrowing pictures of a pregnant ten-year-old prostitute and tots begging for money capture the heart-breaking poverty of Victorian street children. Eminent Victorian men would unashamedly discuss their attraction to young girlsHowever a scandal in nineteenth century England caused the government to raise the age of consent and tackle child prostitution. The age of consent was then raised from 13 to 16. During this period, the term white slavery came to be used throughout Europe and the United States to describe prostituted children.” First hand accounts of children who labored in “satanic mills.” (Factories came to be refered by the public as “satanic mills.”)

( “Sarah Golding was poorly and so she stopped her machine. James Birch, the overlooker, knocked her to the floor. She got up as well as she could. He knocked her down again. Then she was carried to her house…she was found dead in her bed. There was another girl called Mary…she knocked her food can to the floor. The master, Mr. Newton, kicked her and caused her to wear away till she died. There was another, Caroline Thompson, who was beaten till she went out of her mind. The overlookers used to cut off the hair of any girl caught talking to a lad. This head shaving was a dreadful punishment. We were more afraid of it than any other punishment for girls are proud of their hair.”- An interview with an unknown woman who worked in a cotton factory as a child (1849)

“Children worked under deplorable conditions and were being exploited by the industrialists. A picture was painted of the “dark satanic mill” where children as young as five and six years old worked for twelve to sixteen hours a day, six days a week without recess for meals in hot, stuffy, poorly lit, overcrowded factories to earn as little as four shillings per week.”- Tuttle, 2001

The Heros who changed the world:

1.Josephine butler: “While investigating the effect of the Acts, Josephine had been appalled that some of the prostitutes were as young as 12, and that there was a slave trade of young women and children from England to the continent for the purpose of prostitution. A campaign to combat the trafficking led to the removal from office of the head of the Belgian Police des Mœurs, and the trial and imprisonment of his deputy and 12 brothel owners, who were all involved in the trade. Josephine fought child prostitution with help from the campaigning editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead, who purchased a 13-year-old girl from her mother for £5. The subsequent outcry led to the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 which raised the age of consent from 13 to 16 years of age and brought in measures to stop children becoming prostitutes. Her final campaign was in the late-1890s, against the Contagious Diseases Acts which continued to be implemented in the British Raj. 2.Catherine Booth

William T. Stead:

“1876, Stead joined a campaign to repeal the Contagious Diseases Act, befriending the feminist Josephine Butler.[11] The law was repealed in 1886.[11]” (

“William Thomas Stead (5 July 1849 – 15 April 1912) was an English newspaper editor who, as a pioneer of investigative journalism, became a controversial figure of theVictorian era.[1][2] Stead published a series of hugely influential campaigns whilst editor of The Pall Mall Gazette, and he is best known for his 1885 series of articles, The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, written in support of a bill to raise the age of consent from 13 to 16, dubbed the “Stead Act. Stead’s ‘new journalism’ paved the way for the modern tabloid in Great Britain. -Eliza Armstrong Case / Maiden tribute of Modern Babylonn order to demonstrate the truth of his revelations, he arranged the “purchase” of Eliza Armstrong, the 13-year-old daughter of a chimney sweep.

Conclusions: -It took at least 24 years for the activists to raise the age of consent. Let that sink in, from the first law on the books dated 1861, to the law which finally raised the age of consent to 16, it took 24 years of diligent work. We need a long game. History is repeating itself and history has left us a game plan to stop it. So where does the pizzagate movement go in the long run? How do we stay relevant and effective? What lessons can we learn from the purity movement? What can we learn from the Franklin Credit Union Scandal?

My next post will concentrate on the strategies and tactics employed by the purity movement against the pedo elite.Otherwise this post will be endless! I am sorry if the post is too long. I have mounds of links and I have put together a timeline. Four years ago this topic was MUCH easier to research. Much has been scrubbed from the internet since.

It is my wish that this post can spread some hope that Pizzagate is NOT a lost cause. We can change the world. Our predecessors did it and so could we! It is my hope that this post inspires fresh ideas and new tactics. Above all, I hope that we can unify this movement,since I sincerely believe that heaven is supporting this movement and that we are fighting the gates of hell literally. May angels protect the children and the movement. Amen

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Black Lives Matter Protests Turn Violent – Mob Attacks St. Louis Police on Second Night of Mass Protests

Gateway Pundit
by Jim Hoft


Black Lives Matter activists shut down West County Mall in the St. Louis area on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday night the protesters marched in University City “Loop” restaurant district.

The Loop is just west of the St. Louis city limits and is a very popular restaurant district.

At least three seven protesters were arrested when the mob started hurling objects at police.


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NYT Publishes Anonymously-Sourced Story Targeting Jeff Sessions as He Ramps Up War Against Leakers

Breitbart / Big-Government
by Kristina Wong


As Attorney General Jeff Sessions ramps up efforts against leakers, it appears that they are striking back with a story aimed to humiliate him.

Unnamed “current and former administration officials” told the New York Times supposed details from an Oval Office meeting months ago where the president allegedly dressed Sessions down after getting word that Robert Mueller was to be appointed special counsel.

The report claimed that during a meeting on May 17 between Trump and his top advisers on who would replace fired FBI Director James Comey, White House Counsel Don McGahn received a call from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who said he decided to appoint Mueller as special counsel to lead the Russia investigation.

After the call ended, according to the Times:

“Mr. Trump lobbed a volley of insults at Mr. Sessions, telling the attorney general it was his fault they were in the current situation. Mr. Trump told Mr. Sessions that choosing him to be attorney general was one of the worst decisions he had made, called him an ‘idiot,’ and said that he should resign. An emotional Mr. Sessions told the president he would resign and left the Oval Office.”

Sessions had recused himself from overseeing the FBI’s Russia investigation in March, a decision that gave control to Rosenstein and angered Trump.


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Amazon Web Services Now Approved to Host Defense Department Secrets

Breitbart / Big-Government
by Nate Church


The United States Department of Defense has granted provisional authorization for Amazon to host “Impact Level 5” workloads.

The Defense Department and Pentagon’s highest level of unclassified information may now be stored within Amazon’s cloud. According to the company’s official statement:

We are pleased to announce that Amazon Web Services has achieved a Provisional Authorization (PA) by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for Impact Level (IL) 5 workloads, as defined in the Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing (CC) Security Requirements Guide (SRG), in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

DDS Director Chris Lynch confirmed that they have “deployed our first ever national security system, or Impact Level 5, to AWS GovCloud,” and expects the results to be dramatic. According to Lynch, “the real impact is that when we are done, we are going to take something that took three weeks down to 15 minutes.”

Amazon Web Services joins Microsoft and IBM as the third company with the authorization to host some of our most valuable information. AWS also boasts that it was the only cloud able to “meet the IL5 security requirements and scale of the US Air Force’s GPS OCX program,” a process which required no less than “200+ Dedicated Hosts running upwards of 1,000 individual Virtual Machines. Each Virtual Machine needed at least eight vCPUs and 32GB RAM.”


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High-Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

Zero Hedge
by Tyler Durden

Authored by Aaron Kesel via,

A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities.


“The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes,” Shipp warned in a recent talk at a conference.

Shipp had a series of slides explaining how the deep state and shadow government functions as well as the horrific crimes they are committing against U.S. citizens.

Some of the revelations the former CIA anti-terrorism counter intelligence officer revealed included that “Google Earth was set up through the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and InQtel.” Indeed he is correct, the CIA and NGA owned the company Google acquired, Keyhole Inc., paying an undisclosed sum for the company to turn its tech into what we now know as Google Earth. Another curious investor in Keyhole Inc. was none other than the venture capital firm In-Q-Tel run by the CIA according to a press release at the time.

Shipp also disclosed that the agency known as the Joint Special Ops Command (JSOC) is the “president’s secret army” which he can use for secret assassinations, overturning governments and things the American people don’t know about.

FBI warrantless searches violate the Fourth Amendment with national security letters, which Shipp noted enables them to walk into your employer’s office and demand all your financial records and if he or she says anything about them being there they can put your supervisor in jail or drop a case against themselves using the “State’s Secret Privilege law.”

“The top of the shadow government is the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency,” Shipp said.


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White House Will Release ‘Priorities and Principles’ of DACA Immigration Deal in 7-10 Days

Protesters representing various human rights organizations, Immigrants, students and DACA recipients march to the federal building in downtown Jackson, Miss., Friday, Sept. 8, 2017. The group called for Mississippi’s senators, Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran, both Republicans, to help protect DACA recipients and pass a DREAM act. The group then marched to the Governor’s Mansion and made the same plea. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Breitbart /Big-Government
by Michelle Moons


WASHINGTON, D.C. — White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Friday that the Trump Administration will be laying out details of a possible deal with Democrat and Republican congressional leaders to pass legislation on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and border security measures.

One reporter referenced President Donald Trump’s tweet that no chain migration could be a part of an immigration bill, then asked Sanders, “What did he mean by that?”

“The President is focused on making sure that in the efforts of these ongoing conversations between both Democrats and Republicans, that we deliver on responsible immigration reform. He wants to help American workers and families,” replied Sanders.

Chain migration refers to those who hold legal status in the U.S. and use that status to bring members of their family to the United States. The question has been raised in relation to the possibility that DACA recipients, if given legal status in the, could in turn use that to get status for members of their extended families.

“No deal has been final reached on this process,” Sanders continued. “He supports making an agreement on DACA, but that would have to include massive border security and interior enforcements.”


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Congressman Drops Bomb on Awan Probe; Wife Working Immunity Deal To Tell “Disturbing” Story to American People”

True Pundit
by admin


Congressman Trent Franks believes Imran Awan and Hina Alvi are negotiating immunity deals that will allow the couple to soon reveal “profound” and “disturbing” revelations of a much larger story and warned “people should fasten their seat belts…”

“I don’t want to talk out of school here,” Franks told Lou Dobbs on FOX. “I think there is a good chance she (Alvi) is going to reach some type of immunity to tell a larger story here that is going to be pretty disturbing to the American people.”

Franks is the first Congressman to echo reporting by True Pundit last week which first revealed the married couple were working on a plea deal with federal prosecutors and then subsequently reported the couple was entwined in legal negotiations with the Justice Department for immunity packages.

The two could testify or cooperate with the FBI by providing evidence against sitting members of Congress, FBI sources said, in exchange for no jail time for a pending four-count indictment which is poised to likely grow.

True Pundit was the first new organization to report on Friday the legal teams for Imran Awan and Hina Alvi are close to finalizing immunity deals with the Justice Department that could spare them jail time in exchange for testimony against sitting members of Congress, federal law enforcement sources said.

FBI sources familiar with the case said late Friday that Imran Awan’s legal counsel was “deep in the process” of structuring an immunity deal for himself and his wife with Justice Department lawyers. The deal would allow the couple to freely testify against any or all Democratic lawmakers they worked for as IT specialists, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

True Pundit reported on Thursday that the couple was working on a plea deal to avoid prison time. But on Friday federal sources said those talks had progressed into a likely immunity deal for the duo.


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Comrade Obama Unmasked

Published on July 25, 2017 by ‘USA Survival’

In the time period of 2007-2008, two journalists — Trevor Loudon, a blogger from New Zealand, and America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid — tried to interest the public and the media in the story of their lifetimes. It was how a first-term largely unknown Senator from Illinois was a covert communist with backing from Russia who was poised to win the presidency of the United States. But the story of Obama’s Marxist revolution — the “fundamental transformation” of the United States — does not end there. Kincaid, Loudon, and their co-authors, including a former Intelligence Community insider, also examine Obama’s on-going effort to organize “resistance” on a national and global level to President Donald J. Trump. This important book, available from, looks at Obama’s financial master George Soros, Obama’s Catholic training and links to the Vatican and Colombian narco-terrorists, and even how the Obama Administration has created a marijuana counter-culture within U.S. borders. One explosive chapter looks at Obama’s inspiration, South African President Nelson Mandela, who was exposed as a secret member of the South African Communist Party after his death. America’s intelligence community, Kincaid argues in the book, must be retrained in the art of detecting subversion and preventing communist-inspired and radical Islamist violence. He says they failed to warn America in 2008 that Obama was a Marxist who couldn’t pass a basic background security check.

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Powerful – President Trump and First Lady Melania Commemorate 9-11 Attacks at White House

Image credit — Fox News and YouTube

View Video at:

Video published by Jim Hoft on September 11, 2017

Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, link:


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Bannon on 60 Minutes: ‘China Is at Economic War with Us’

Breitbart / Big-Government
by Tony Lee


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told 60 Minutes that President Donald Trump—unlike America’s elites—understands that “China is at economic war with us.”

Bannon told CBS anchor Charlie Rose that Trump for 30 years has “singled out China as the biggest single problem we have on the world stage.”

“The elites in this country have got us in a situation–we’re not at economic war with China, China is at economic war with us,” he said.

Bannon said, for starters, he wants China “to stop appropriating our technology.”

“China is, through forced technology transfer and through stealing our technology, … cutting out the beating heart of American innovation,” Bannon said.


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