What happened to Pizzagate and more specifically all of the Pizzagate websites?

What happened to all of the Pizzagate websites? In late 2016 (less than one year ago) several new domains were registered using “pizzagate” within the domain name itself.

The sites contained helpful and relevant information regarding the investigation into Pizzagate.  However, it appears that these sites no longer exist??

For example, Pizzagate.com has been scrubbed of all useful information.

Several of the Pizzagate.com pages & article have had their links edited so that even the url is no longer in support of investigating Pizzagate itself –




…and even those edited links lead to blank pages.

Moreover, what about Pizzagate.wiki?  When attempting access the site we encounter a notice that the account is suspended.

How about Pizzagate.wordpress.com? The site is live but there is absolutely NOTHING at the site.

There were other Pizzagate sites too (I’m trying to locate my list which I put together last December -2016).

Any thoughts?

(Note: on November 29, 2016 my very first Pizzagate article here at WOBIK, or anywhere, was published on  –  Pizzagate – Obama Clinton Weiner Podesta and other email leaks – pedophilia child sex rings blackmail

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5 Responses to What happened to Pizzagate and more specifically all of the Pizzagate websites?

  1. Another of the sites was Pizzagate.info and it too has now vanished.

  2. Bruce says:

    All the referenced deletions, re-directions and misinformation regarding the REAL PIZZAGATE INVESTIGATION come to us intentionally with coordination by the POWERFUL, ELITE PEDOPHILES and PEDOPHILE SUPPORTERS.


    Very sad!

    See the following as a start: Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence — https://www.wasobamaborninkenya.com/blog/uncategorized/fully-sourced-executive-summary-of-pizzagate-evidence/

  3. Bruce says:

    Pizzagate.WIKI; Where is REBELSCUM? (pizzagate)

    Submitted by ‘birthdaysuit11’


  4. Bruce says:

    Link to the ARCHIVE SITE for the deleted #PIZZAGATE WIKI: https://archive.is/vcu4V

  5. @Bruce

    Thanks I appreciate all of this additional information regarding PizzaGate.

    And I almost forgot about Pizzagate.wiki!

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