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Photos: Ann Dunham, IMO, is NOT the Seductively-Clad Woman Photographed by FMD

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  • Photos: Ann Dunham, IMO, is NOT the Seductively-Clad Woman Photographed by FMD

    Joel Gilbert has presented an excellent case that Frank Marshall Davis is BHO-II's bio father in his video, 'Dreams from My Real Father' -

    However, I believe one part of Mr. Gilbert's photo presentation needs more study and perhaps correction.

    See also my comprehensive comments on the topic, recorded elsewhere on this forum:!

    The photos of the woman claimed to be Ann and shown by Gilbert can be divided into two categories, which I will designate as: (1) 'Nude' Photos, and (2) 'Seductively-Clad' Photos. Gilbert claims that the photos in BOTH these two categories were of Ann Dunham and were taken in Frank Marshall Davis' house in Honolulu, Hawaii in December 1960.

    SPECULATION: I agree with Gilbert that the 'Nude' series of photos of Ann were very likely shot in December 1960, in FMD's house when she was just a few weeks pregnant with BHO-II. Christmas decorations are shown in some of the photos. Ann looks quite mature, confident and relaxed. Though almost totally naked, she shows an open mouth, genuine, casual smile in most, if not all the photos in this series.

    However, I believe the 'Seductively-Clad' series of photos of a woman claimed to be Ann may actually be of another woman.

    Examine the bottom three photos below and compare the relative distances between the mouth and nose-tip, and the mouth and chin-tip, on each of the photos. The bottom two photos, which are both positively identified to be of Ann, appear to show a considerably longer distance between the mouth and chin-tip than between the mouth and nose-tip. The distance between the mouth and chin-tip is quite large. The relation between the two distances seems about equal on both these photos of Ann, as would be expected. There is only about a two year age difference for her between the two photos.

    The mouth to nose-tip and mouth to chin-tip distances appear to be much more equal to one another on the cropped photo of the 'Seductively Clad' woman. Unlike the two photos of Ann, the distance shown on the photo between her mouth and chin-tip is relatively small.

    The 'Seductively Clad' woman is shown with a closed mouth and appears to have a pouty expression, rather than a smile, on all the photos shown in the 'Dreams from My Real Father' DVD. No Christmas decorations are visible in any of the photos shown of her.

    Photos, Ann Dunham

    From 'Seductively Clad' Photo Series, Frank Marshall Davis' House, Honolulu

    Cropped Photo: From the Above 'Seductively Clad' photo and tilted slightly clockwise

    Cropped Photo: Ann Dunham, 1960, High School Senior, Graduation Photo, Age 17

    Resized Photo: Ann Dunham, 1958, High School Sophomore, Age 15

    Updated Slightly: 11/03/2012
    B. Steadman

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    Ann Dunham, Young Adult, Date Unknown

    From 'Nude' Photo Series, Frank Marshall Davis' House, Honolulu, Reported by Joel Gilbert to have been taken in December 1960

    I believe the woman shown in the 'Nude' Photo Series in Joel Gilbert's 'Dreams from My Real Father' is Ann Dunham and that the photos were shot in FMD's house in Honolulu in December 1960 when she was just a few weeks pregnant with BHO-II!

    Updated Slightly: 10/31/2012
    B. Steadman


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      Gilbert-Shattering: Maricopa County Sheriff's CCP Confirms Nude Obama Mama Pics Not Her

      Birther Report



      Carl Gallups reports Maricopa County Sheriff's CCP now have forensic digital evidence that the purported nude photos of Obama's mother Stanley Ann Dunham are not her. If you recall filmmaker Joel Gilbert publicized that communist Frank Marshall Davis took nude photos of Obama's mother and published them in bondage magazines.

      As WND reported in 2012:

      Gilbert reports he has recently discovered racy photos in vintage fetish and bondage magazines of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, that he believes were taken by Davis. The photos, he says, bolster his belief that Dunham had an intimate relationship with Davis.

      I'm told the expert was unable to adequately analyze the straight on shots for full facial recognition, however, the expert was able to analyze the ears of the model in the photos and Obama's mother and concludes they do no match.

      AUDIO ...:
      ( Audio via Freedom Friday @ WEBY. )

      Carl Gallups later noted that Sheriff Arpaio's lead Obama investigator Mike Zullo will appear on Freedom Friday either next Friday or the following Friday to discuss in detail these latest findings and more.

      View the complete Birther Report presentation at:
      B. Steadman


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        Fever Dreams From My Real Father: Joel Gilbert's Lies and Exotique's Photos of "Ann Dunham"

        Published on Oct 16, 2012 by Loren Collins

        Joel Gilbert's film may be the most dishonest piece of political propaganda this election season. And it is not merely spin, or even sincere partisanship; Gilbert simply fabricates large chunks of his film, and the central argument of his film is one that he KNOWS is false. He claims that he discovered photos of Obama's mother that were taken in late 1960 and were published in Exotique. But as this video shows, the very same photos he spotlights were, in fact, published in Exotique in 1958, when Ann was a mere 15-year-old living over 2000 miles away from the place where Gilbert says the photos were taken.
        B. Steadman