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Charlotte Observer Obama facts, Obama hides BC, college and other records

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  • Charlotte Observer Obama facts, Obama hides BC, college and other records

    Charlotte Observer Obama facts, Obama hides Birth certificate college and other records, Taxpayer dollars aid in Obama deception, Sheriffs Arpaio and Pendergraph question Obama

    Citizen Wells


    Thanks to Give Us Liberty ( for the reference to the article.

    “Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense, to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

    “Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

    “Pendergraph’s long experience as a public servant, especially his 12 years as Mecklenburg County sheriff, would be an asset. He understands the value of service to constituents and responding quickly and efficiently to their cares and concerns.”…Charlotte Observer

    Since the Charlotte Observer endorsed Jim Pendergraph, rescinded the endorsement when Pendergraph questioned Obama’s birthplace and attacked Jim Pendergraph and Sheriff JOe Arpaio for simply doing their job and asking simple questions, I feel it is my duty as a natural born citizen of the United States, eligible for the US Presidency and a native born citizen of North Carolina and resident of NC, to do the job that the Charlotte Observer and most members of the mainstream media have failed to do. That is, explain to you why Jim Pendergraph and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have questions and concerns about Obama’s birthplace, birth certificate, eligibility for the presidency and other records.

    I am going to make this so simple that anyone can follow it.

    01. First and very important. Barack Obama, unlike John McCain, has never presented a legitimate long form certified copy of his birth certificate. This includes the numerous court challenges to Obama.

    02. Various entities placed images of a COLB (Certification of Live Birth) on the internet purported to be Obama’s but never proven to have originated from the State of Hawaii. Even if Obama had personally presented one of these in court, it would have been thrown out as conclusive proof of Hawaiian birth. There were 4 ways of getting one of these when Obama was born and one could be born abroad.

    03. Numerous challenges to Obama’s eligibility have been made in court beginning in 2008. These challenges have demanded proof of Obama’s eligibility and most have requested legitimate copies of Obama’s birth certificate, college and other records. None of these challenges has been pled before higher courts or the Supreme Court of the US."

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    B. Steadman

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    Obama-eligibility doubts cost paper's endorsement

    'We have lost faith in him, and urge voters to consider' others


    Bob Unruh


    "A blogger recently confirmed he’s behind a website offering a $10,000 reward for specific background information on Barack Obama, because the establishment media has refused to seek out school records and other documents.

    Now a prominent member of that establishment media is objecting to others who ask questions about Obama’s past.

    The blast comes from the Charlotte Observer, which recently retracted its endorsement of Jim Pendergraph for Congress.

    The paper made its decision after Pendergraph appeared at a campaign stop with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., whose special investigators have found probable cause that Obama’s purported birth certificate and his draft registration form are forgeries.

    And then the candidate personally said he had questions, too.

    The newspaper, in an unbylined “Our View,” stated: “What a run for Republican Jim Pendergraph. After winning the Observer’s endorsement in his bid for Congress, he has done nothing but embarrass us and himself. By buddying up to one of America’s more hateful egomaniacs and then joining with fringe ‘birthers’ to question President Obama’s citizenship, Pendergraph has contradicted much of what he told the Observer’s editorial board in his endorsement interview last month.”

    The newspaper suggested instead voting for Edwin Peacock or Ric Killian in the 9th congressional district race.

    Only days earlier, the newspaper dismissed both candidates.

    “We appreciated Ed Peacock’s more progressive and moderate approach to tackling issues. As we’ve said in previous endorsements of him for Charlotte City Council, we appreciate his ability to focus on solutions rather than dogmatic partisanship.”

    And regarding Killian: “His time in Afghanistan (a West Point grad and a colonel in the Army Reserve, he returned from a six-month tour in Afghanistan in mid-March) gives him a leg up on his opponents on security matters. … He stands firmly against government spending but has not signed a ‘no tax increases pledge.’”

    “But we give our nod to Mecklenburg County commissioner Jim Pendergraph. We believe he has broad appeal and understands the district’s needs best. He speaks with a strong conservative voice but seems pragmatic in how he would represent the district – focusing on constituent needs and getting things done.”

    The endorsement continued: “Pendergraph’s long experience as a public servant, especially his 12 years as Mecklenburg County sheriff, would be an asset. He understands the value of service to constituents and responding quickly and efficiently to their cares and concerns.”

    But not asking question about Obama.

    Even though polls have revealed fully half of Americans want Congress to investigate Obama’s eligibility, the newspaper’s U-turn didn’t take long.

    “He rallied in Huntersville with … Arpaio, a Melvillian character on a never-ending crusade against Latinos. The only thing that energizes Arpaio more than stroking his ego is profiling Hispanics,” editors wrote.

    “Pendergraph pandered further this week by saying he has ‘reason to be suspicious’ about whether President Obama was born in the United States. ‘Generally when there’s smoke, there’s got to be fire somewhere,’ he said, even as he acknowledged ‘I haven’t seen the facts.’”

    The newspaper’s own writer, Jim Morrill, had reported that Arpaio campaigned for Pendergraph, who said of Obama’s eligibility: “I have reason to be suspicious. But I don’t know. I haven’t seen the facts. I think there’s a lot of smoke and generally when there’s smoke there’s got to be fire somewhere.”

    Obama a released a copy of a birth certificate through the White House one year ago, but many document experts immediately cast suspicion on its authenticity.

    Pendergraph told the newspaper he’s not sure but said, “I’ve been around long enough to know people can forge anything.”

    The Daily Caller reported the one-page site offering the reward for Obama’s course transcripts from Occidental, Harvard or Columbia is run by blogger Brooks Bayne, who says media have failed to investigate Obama properly.

    Bayne explained that eight individuals, including some he described as “recognizable,” are behind the effort to draw out someone who may have access to the college transcripts.

    “We are doing this because we are tired of the media not doing their job,” he told the DC. “We are tired of the PR propaganda coming out of places like Media Matters, and we are tired of this administration stonewalling over things like Fast and Furious.”

    But he told the reporter the reward offer is real and will be paid to anyone who can provide verifiable documents.

    “Maybe they have a copy of the transcripts laying around,” Bayne told the Daily Caller. ‘They can make some cash. I mean, we are just trying to spread the wealth around.”

    The reward website is headlined “The Trenches.”

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    B. Steadman