Why Hijab Hoax Girl Lied

Totalitarian movements know how to portray themselves in order to gain power.

FrontPage Mag
by Jamie Glazov


Editors’ note: Khawlah Noman is now yet another Muslim hoax victim. The 11-year-old Muslim girl has been caught lying about being attacked, last Friday in Scarborough, Ontario, by a man in his 20s who she alleged had used scissors to cut her hijab. After an investigation, Toronto Police confirmed that the crime had never occurred. In light of this new, but very expected, development, Frontpage has deemed it important to bring attention to this escalating phenomenon of fake anti-Muslim “hate crimes”. We are therefore reprinting, below, Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov’s article, The ‘Hate-Crime’ Victims Of Trump Who Weren’t, from the November 18, 2016 issue of The Daily Caller, which reveals how totalitarian movements portray themselves in order to gain power.

The ‘Hate-Crime’ Victims Of Trump Who Weren’t.
The deranged fantasy world of the totalitarian cry-bully.
By Jamie Glazov
Daily Caller, November 18, 2016.

To gain power, totalitarian movements always portray themselves as victims. And while they are in the process of abusing, they cry in front of the world posing as the abused. They stage “hate-crime” attacks against themselves because hate crimes are their political and cultural capital. When those hate-crimes don’t exist, they must be invented.


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  1. Bruce says:

    While we are relentlessly lectured about “Islamophobia,” Christians are under intense persecution worldwide and the media & political class has virtually nothing to say about it.

    Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet on Twitter


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