The New College Intellectualism: It’s Okay to Kill Young Children

The New American
by Selwyn Duke


A University of Knoxville student recently said it was okay to kill young children who can’t communicate. He’s not alone. Two “philosophers” justified “after-birth abortion” in 2012. The next year students at George Mason University signed a petition to legalize the practice. Also in 2013, an MSNBC host opined that when life begins “depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents.” Welcome to the intellectual vanguard of the culture of death.

The Tennessee student’s opinion was captured on video by Students for Life’s Appalachian Regional Coordinator Brenna Lewis. As Liberty Nation reports, “The interviewee concurs with colleagues that two-year-olds unable to speak due to muteness, autism, learning infirmities, and other difficulties should be put to death” (hat tip:

The unnamed young man actually states (video below), “Without communication, we have no way of knowing if you’re sentient or not. It’s no different than this tree,” he says, motioning to his left. “It’s alive, but is it sentient? I don’t know. I cannot communicate to it,” he continued.


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