The Comfort Women Statues

Brookhaven reveals controversial Comfort Women statue

Dekalb Neighbor
by Kate Croxton


Brookhaven officials, political leaders and the surrounding community turned out amid the pouring rain to participate in the reveal of the widely controversial Comfort Women Statue in Blackburn Park Friday morning.

The Young Girl’s Statue for Peace, meant to recognize the danger and injustice of human trafficking worldwide, memorializes the 200,000 girls and women that were sexually enslaved throughout World War II by the Japanese Imperial Army. These women came from Korea, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“By establishing this memorial, we raise the awareness of ongoing problems of sexual and human trafficking that is taking place in the metro-area and the world today,” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst. “The city of Brookhaven is proud to join a growing list of progressive cities around the world that have installed this memorial to recognize comfort women and to talk about their suffering. Brookhaven is now going to be the first city in the state of Georgia and in the Deep South that publicly commit to the Comfort Women Memorial.” (bold emphasis added)

In 2014, the FBI ranked metro-Atlanta as the top city in the nation for human trafficking crimes, according to Ernst.

“It is not all about the past; it is about the future,” said Ernst. “That is what these monuments are about.”


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