ISIS Propaganda Online Draws More Clicks in U.S. Than Anywhere in Europe

Report: U.S. second most frequent location from which jihadist content is accessed

The Washington Free Beacon
by Natalie Johnson


Islamic State propaganda disseminated online draws more clicks in the United States than in any country in Europe despite much-publicized counter efforts by Silicon Valley, according to a new report published Monday night.

Analysts from the Britain-based Policy Exchange think tank reported that over a six-month span beginning in February, the United States was the second most frequent location from which jihadist content was accessed online, preceded only by Turkey.

By a conservative estimate, ISIS produces about 100 items of new content each week, including execution videos and orders for suicide attacks, despite significant territorial losses in Iraq and Syria over the past year.

The analysts said ISIS penetrates western social media platforms through an online “ecosystem” in which content is first disseminated to its core followers through the encrypted Telegram app, and then dispersed by so-called “missionaries” across various mainstream domains such as Twitter and Facebook. The strategy enables the group to reach tens of thousands of users worldwide, many of whom are based in the United States.


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2 Responses to ISIS Propaganda Online Draws More Clicks in U.S. Than Anywhere in Europe

  1. Telegram is an excellent, perhaps the best, messaging app (and you may also use it on your Desktop/laptop/tablet) which is exists.

    And thanks for posting this information regarding ISIS. Confirms my observation that the only reason that anyone is even thinking about ISIS (or whatever name or group that the US want to call it next week, or next year) is because the US Gov and mainstream media in the US are constantly trying to jam this garbage into our brain.

    Meanwhile in countries on the African content wars rage (horrible violence, rape, pillage, bombings, etc.) and have been for more than half a century (mostly being manipulated by Europeans for natural resources and minerals) and barely anyone here in the US has any idea about it any of it.

  2. Bruce says:

    IN-TERROR-NET Jihadis used social media giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread 27,000 extremist posts in just five months, shock figures reveal

    The Sun
    by Tom Newton Dunn

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