DOJ “Coordinated” Fast & Furious Freedom of Info requests from me, others

Sharyl Attkisson
by sattkisson


The following is opinion and analysis

Freedom of Information (FOI) law was supposed to make it easier for all of us to get our hands on public documents that we own; documents that government too often tries to keep secret. But as I’ve written about and testified to many times, including before House and the Senate committees, FOI law has been perverted by bad actors in government under both political parties so that it is a tool they use to obstruct, obfuscate and delay.

What happens when you ask to see a document the feds could put their hands on immediately? Gone are the days when they’ll simply provide it. I’ve had federal officials literally be holding a piece of paper in their hand that the public is entitled to see upon demand—yet when asked, they require a formal, written FOI request. That request goes to the end of an intentionally long queue that equates to months or years of waiting.


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