DOJ Attorneys Submit Supplemental Brief in Arpaio Case


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by Sharon Rondeau


(Sep. 21, 2017) — Three attorneys and the acting chief of the U.S. Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section have filed a brief in response to a federal judge’s request prior to an October 4 hearing concerning the criminal conviction of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio.

The 85-year-old former six-term sheriff received a presidential pardon on August 25 which precludes sentencing from taking place. However, U.S. District Court Judge Susan R. Bolton scheduled the October 4 hearing to determine whether or not the conviction, which she alone decided to impose, should remain on Arpaio’s record or be vacated, as Arpaio’s attorneys have requested.


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DOJ Attorneys Submit Supplemental Brief in Arpaio Case

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