The Standard (Kenyan newspaper): “Mum names twins after Obama, Romney”

Beatrice Obwocha of the The Standard (newspaper in Kenya) reported, today the 8th day of November, 2012, that 20 year old Millicent Owuor gave birth to twins at the Siaya District Hospital (not fat from the village of Kogelo) on the day of Barack Hussein Obama II’s re-election. Owuor’s son “Barack Obama” is pictured on the left in the adjacent photograpgh and her son “Mitt Romney” is on the right.   Barack was born first.

Read more from the orginal source here: The Standard.

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  1. Bruce says:

    The general population of Kenya has expressed a great and easily understood interest in the U.S.A.’s 2012 election contest between American citizen, Mitt Romney and Kenyan* native son/citizen, Barack Obama.

    * See the 2010-revised Constitution of Kenya:


    14. (1) A person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s
    birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or
    father of the person is a citizen.

    14.(5) A person who is a Kenyan citizen by birth and who, on the
    effective date, has ceased to be a Kenyan citizen because the person
    acquired citizenship of another country, is entitled on application to
    regain Kenyan citizenship.

    16. A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the
    citizenship of another country.

    See also:

    Kenya bull fight: Obama trounces Romney

    KOMO News
    Joe Mwihia, Associated Press Published


    KHAYEGA, Kenya (AP) – If the U.S. presidential election were to be determined by a bull fight in Kenya then President Barack Obama would defeat Mitt Romney.

    On Saturday villagers from western Kenya town of Khayega held a bull fighting contest between a 900 pound (410 kilogram) black bull they named Obama and a black and white 1,000 pound (460kg) bull they named Mitt Romney. Both are cattle breeds indigenous to Kenya.

    Despite being smaller in size, Obama was the overwhelming favorite having won six of his last fights and he did not disappoint. After close to half an hour the bulls were separated and Obama was declared winner. Happy villagers burst onto the streets in song and dance rejoicing the victory, some carrying placards reading “Obama top most!” while others reading “Romney Can’t!”

    View the complete article at:

    Regarding Millicent Owuor’s ‘twins’ — I predict young ‘Mitt’ is going to have a tough time growing up in Kenya with a name like that. His inherent challenge reminds me a little of the story that Johnny Cash related in a song titled, ‘A Boy Named Sue’



  3. Bruce says:

    In Kenya, they obviously know which way is up, while Americans remain totally clueless …

    by Charles Edward Lincoln III


    In Kenya, they obviously know which way is up, while Americans remain totally clueless…… this 20 year old mother obviously understands U.S. Politics a LOT better than most Republicans and so-called Conservative Commentators do…..Lucas Daniel Smith provided the best proof….(bold emphasis added)

    This woman (photo of Millicent Owuor shown in original article) … clearly has a fairly sophisticated understanding of US Politics—Mitt Romney and Obama ARE twins in so many ways (in terms of ideology, politics, approach to government). The main difference between them is that Mitt Romney doesn’t pretend to have been born in Hawaii, and he really can’t since everyone in Kenya knows he wasn’t born there…..

    Kenyan mother names twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    View the complete post at:

  4. Greatkim says:

    Hi Lucas,

    glad to see you back. What is your take about the election ? In your opinion, why did Obama win ?

  5. Check out these newspapers that say Obama was “Kenyan-born” (scroll down past videos):

  6. Bruce says:

    KenyanBornObama wrote:

    Check out these newspapers that say Obama was “Kenyan-born”

    You have referenced a GREAT summary page on the topic! Thanks!

    I don’t recall previously seeing many of the original reference articles cited.

    I just posted a link to the ‘UNSLAVE AMERICA’ website over on the ‘InspectorSmith’ Forum under the title, ‘Data supporting the FACT of Obama’s birth in Kenya’

  7. rikker says:

    All this article does is prove that both Barack Obama and Willard Mitt Romney were recently born in Kenya.

    Neither of them can run for president until 2047, according to the Constitution.

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