Phyllis Vrettos blog report (07.22.2012) has now been withdrawn from review on this blog.

Today I received two (2) emails from a family member of Phyllis Vrettos.

In their second email they instructed me to remove most of the report and also they went on to say that we (i.e., we at the blog) should not use Phyllis’ name on this blog from here on out.    They did say that we could use her screen names when referring to her.

They also expressed their belief that the 2009 certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, Certificate of Birth is a worthless fake and not even a good forgery.

For the record here I have been contacted in the past by individuals who requested (and demanded) that I remove assorted content from this blog.   I have a strict policy to not retract anything that I write (although I will strike erroneous content but that will still appear visible but with a line through it’s midsection).

However, out of my respect for my friend Phyllis I have honored her family’s instructions.

Patriot1980 account publications regarding Phyllis Vrettos have now been marked as private and are not available for general public review.

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