Mitt Romney Concedes Presidential Race to Barack Obama

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"The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise...Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters." - Kenneth John Freeman (from his Cambridge dissertation published in 1907)
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  1. Bruce says:


    As I recall, you accurately predicted this Obama victory over Romney quite a few months ago!

  2. Bruce says:

    Conservatives lambast Romney, vow to take over Republican Party

    The Hill
    Erik Wasson


    Conservative leaders on Wednesday lashed out at Mitt Romney, saying his attempts to paint himself as a centrist and hide his principles cost him the presidency.

    They vowed to wage a war to put the Tea Party in charge of the Republican Party by the time it nominates its next presidential candidate.

    “The battle to take over the Republican Party begins today and the failed Republican leadership should resign,” said Richard Viguerie, a top activist and chairman of

    He said the lesson on Romney’s loss to President Obama on Tuesday is that the GOP must “never again” nominate a “a big government established conservative for president.”

    Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots said Romney failed to make the kind of strong case for conservatism that would have won the election.

    She described Romney as a “weak, moderate candidate hand-picked by the country club elite Republican establishment.”

    “They didn’t see a clear distinction so they went with what they know,” she said of voters.

    “It should have been a landslide if Romney had run as a true conservative,” said Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center.

    “Romney took all the right stances, no question. The problem was not communicating them on the national stage with President Obama,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the head of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.

    Martin argued that there was no repudiation of the Tea Party by the electorate because Tea Party values were not firmly articulated.

    “This is not the death of the Tea Party,” Martin said.

    “Tea Partiers will take over the Republican party in the next four years,” Viguerie said.

    In the meantime, conservatives will work to ensure that congressional Republicans do not compromise their principles in fiscal talks with Obama, he said.

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  3. Bruce says:

    The Post & Email Calls for Forensic Audit of 2012 Elections


    The Post & Email
    Sharon Rondeau

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  4. Bruce says:

    What Major Demographic Shift?

    American Thinker
    Tara Servatius


    Conservatives need to take a collective breath and look closer at the numbers before they buy into the idea that GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s defeat was due to some kind of national demographic shift that now makes Democrat presidential candidates’ armor impenetrable. Before you give in to the hysteria, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    First, Barack Obama’s re-election showing was actually pretty unimpressive for a guy whose philosophies voters have supposedly adopted. As of this writing on Wednesday, Obama’s vote total stood at an unimpressive 60,119,958. That’s about what John Kerry got in 2004 (59,028,444). President George W. Bush actually did far better than Obama in his 2004 reelection quest, posting a vote total that was about 2 million higher (62,040,610) than what Obama got on Tuesday. That’s hardly a remarkable finish in a country with a population that has increased. In fact, it’s a decline of 9 million votes from Obama’s 2008 total.

    Had Romney (57,425,441) done as well as McCain did in 2008 (59,934,814), he and Obama would have run neck and neck, virtually matching each other’s vote totals. That’s hardly the stuff of demographic ruin.

    The question Republicans and conservatives need to ask is not why voters showed up for Obama, whose turnout wasn’t exactly extraordinary, but why millions of their own voters, people who had pulled the lever for Bush and McCain, didn’t do the same for Romney or simply stayed home.

    Why did Romney get a full 2 million fewer votes than McCain did? Why did those voters pull the lever for McCain, but not for Romney? Who were they, and where did they go? That is what Republican and conservative strategists need to find out.

    Is it possible that Republicans and conservative-leaning independents just weren’t that wild about the guy?

    Romney, you’ll remember, was not exactly popular with the GOP base through two primaries — the first of which he lost outright, and the second of which he won because, quite frankly, all the other candidates were largely unpresentable on the national stage. Remember, Romney won just 52 percent of the votes cast in the primary — hardly a resounding send-off from his own party. Worse yet, Romney carried just 3 out of 43 states with 70-plus percent of the vote, compared to an average of more than 15 states by previous presumptive GOP nominees.

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  5. Bruce says:

    Did Obama win the November 6, 2012 U.S. presidential election through fraud?

    The following is a pertinent excerpt from COMMENT #104, by ‘butterdezillion’ in an 11/8/2012 Free Republic Thread

    I’m not looking to blame anything. All I want is the truth. The truth is it would be very easy to flip votes via software. And it would be really easy to sign a voter list and start punching in votes en masse when the R observers were kicked out in each of the battleground states. In some Philadelphia precincts Obama got 99% of the vote – even higher than the percentage of Obama votes by Blacks overall, I believe. Those are banana republic numbers, not the numbers in an election with integrity.

    Winning through fraud would not take much at all.

    But we’ve seen even worse coordination that can be documented, and you are a fool if you believe that big conspiracies are impossible. Good Lord – look at some of the footage from the German concentration camps.

    Let me tell you something. After I pointed out on my blog that the HI state registrar had confirmed that Obama’s HI BC is legally non-valid, and noted that the KS dem party chair (who was quoted in an article claiming the issue was settled) had been informed of that fact, that I had proof she was informed of that fact, and that she better watch what she says…. I had somebody try to post on my blog, saying that he/she had helped create the birth certificate forgery that Onaka had just confirmed as a forgery. He/she specifically admitted to committing a felony but said my resistance is futile because Obama has immunity and so do the creators of the forgery – and that the FBI knows they did it and will cover for them and laugh in the face of anybody who reports it. This person didn’t have to tell me that; I already had an FBI person lie to me about the FBI not investigating document fraud (right before I went online to report the fraud and was told that my complaint would be routed to the FBI…)

    Here’s the kicker. This poster used a gateway to hide where they were posting from, and put in tripwires to fry the computer of anybody (including my colleague whose computer was fried) who got anywhere close to finding out where they were really from. The e-mail address used was one that is used by multiple other people as well. Sort of a lot to go through if a person is “just kidding”, wouldn’t you say?

    Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs are dead – killed in succession as they each in turn agreed to present a petition at the 2008 Convention challenging Obama’s eligibility. We have signed statements from at least one media personality saying that their news company told them they had been threatened by Obama’s goons and if the on-air personalities reported on the eligibility issue their career would be over and their lives and families’ lives were questionable. Those threats have been verified by law enforcement.

    I have proven on my blog that the 1960-64 birth index at the Hawaii DOH has been altered to include the names from legally non-valid records. AP reporter Mark Niesse had admitted in an article, shortly before Obama’s long-form forgery was posted, that the name in that index is the only evidence presented by the HDOH regarding Obama’s records. And I have proven that the HDOH manipulated that evidence so that it doesn’t prove what everybody tries claiming that it proved.

    I could go on all day, giving examples of crimes and corruption that have carried the day on Obama’s eligibility.

    Obama’s passport was breached 3 times, and sources close to the investigation say it was to sanitize his record.

    Obama’s selective service registration has been proven as a forgery – most likely done by somebody within that agency, and being hidden by that agency.

    Alex Galovich of the Passport Office submitted in court a forged DOS cable claiming that millions of passport applications were destroyed because the retention period was changed – but there is no record of the destruction as required by law, there is no record of the retention period being changed as required by law, there is no record of it being changed BACK as required by law, and the records that were supposedly destroyed have been disclosed to requestors all during the nearly 30 years since they were supposedly destroyed.

    The amount of crimes committed over this issue would blow your mind away. And it’s all documented.

    View the complete Free Republic COMMENT #104 at:

  6. Bruce wrote:

    As I recall, you accurately predicted this Obama victory over Romney quite a few months ago!

    Thanks Bruce!

  7. rikker says:

    Obama’s resounding victory in the recent election is final vindication of America’s greatness.


    @ rikker:

  9. rikker says:

    Simmah dah nah, Ahnold. You better take some of that bass out your voice when you address me.

    America rocks. The America you think you remember is only a fantasy of your advanced age. Obama rocks. He won, didn’t he?

  10. ARNOLD CARL TAPP says:


  11. Bruce wrote:

    rikker (?) – Hmmmmm!


    In truth ‘rikker’ is a man. He’s also black (or at least his skin color is). I met ‘rikker’ in Florida back in 2010 with Charles Edward Lincoln III during a hearing in Rivernider vs US Bank. At that time ‘rikker’ was on assignment for the now defunct website which is now website.

    I’m not sure why he is using a white woman’s picture as his online avatar these days (or perhaps he always has).

    I remember that at the federal courthouse he was accompanied by a awkwardly slim pasty-faced white man and later by a third individual who appeared to be a disheveled homeless-looking black. The lot of them appeared to be homosexuals (not that I care, I’m merely supplying observations as a sociologist would).

    The only thing black about ‘rikker’ is his skin (and I note here that his skin is not even very black).

  12. Voice of Reason says:

    Romney lost with grace and civility.
    Only one birther on all of the internet has decided to do the same. That is the guy who ran

  13. Bruce says:


    Observation: Major fractions of the civilized world become infected with ‘plagues’ of various types from time to time.

    We seem to be once again entering into one of those perilous times of pestilence. In fact, I think I just caught a glimpse of four gaunt cowboys, bearing a tattered and inverted American flag, riding their ancient steeds down through the trees and fog on yonder ridge.

    14th Century – The Bubonic Plague

    “Bubonic plague is a zoonotic disease, circulating mainly among small rodents and their fleas, and is one of three types of bacterial infections caused by Yersinia pestis (formerly known as Pasteurella pestis), which belongs to the family Enterobacteriaceae. Without treatment, the bubonic plague kills about two thirds of infected humans within 4 days. …

    Bubonic plague—along with the septicemic plague and the pneumonic plague, which are the two other manifestations of Y. pestis—is generally believed to be the cause of the Black Death that swept through Europe in the 14th century and killed an estimated 25 million people, or 30–60% of the European population.Because the plague killed so many of the working population, wages rose and some historians have seen this as a turning point in European economic development.”

    From Wikipedia –

    21st Century – The Totalitarian Government Plague

    Totalitarian Government plague is a disease that attacks the cerebral cortex. It circulates mainly among small rodents, such as Barack Hussein Obama II and George W. Bush, and their fleas, such as Eric Holder and Karl Rove. However, its origins reside in members of the large predatory mammal species, including George Soros, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Adam Weishaupt. Facilitating transmission of the disease are large and numerous piles of foul-smelling excrement, including those frequently expelled from mainstream media members such as ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’.

    Without prolonged and knowledgeable treatment by dedicated patriots, principled politicians and an enlightened judiciary, the Totalitarian Government plague is capable of impoverishing and killing many millions of hapless humans.

    Very sad indeed!

  14. Bruce wrote:

    Totalitarian Government plague is a disease that attacks the cerebral cortex. It circulates mainly among small rodents, such as Barack Hussein Obama II and George W. Bush, and their fleas, such as Eric Holder and Karl Rove. However, its origins reside in members of the large predatory mammal species, including George Soros, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Adam Weishaupt. Facilitating transmission of the disease are large and numerous piles of foul-smelling excrement, including those frequently expelled from mainstream media members such as ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’.

    I agree.

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