Bruce Steadman video: “ObamaFraud.5x – Obama WAS Born in Kenya! – Inform Your Neighbors!”

Thank you, greatly appreciated, Mr. Steadman!

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"The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise...Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters." - Kenneth John Freeman (from his Cambridge dissertation published in 1907)
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3 Responses to Bruce Steadman video: “ObamaFraud.5x – Obama WAS Born in Kenya! – Inform Your Neighbors!”

  1. Bruce says:

    Thank you Lucas, for posting my new ‘ObamaFraud.5x’ related video. I am greatly honored.

    I hope the new video will help bring the truth regarding Obama’s actual birth place in Kenya, and his likely illegal presidency, to many additional millions of ordinary American citizens from coast to coast. I’m sure that lots of these folks will be truly SHOCKED when they find a copy of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate with explanatory cover sheet under their car wiper blade, for example. These people, for the most part, probably have been only vaguely aware of our serious POTUS eligibility issue, having relied totally on the MSM for their daily news.

    btw – Last evening, I substituted a slightly edited version of the video you posted. The only real difference between the current video and the one you originally posted occurs on the very last frame. I decided that, on the concluding slide, it might be better to refer viewers to the WOBIK site, rather than to the much more complex ObamaFraud.5x post here on your blog.

    I included the link to the blog post in the ‘information’ section accompanying the video. This way, most people will probably first visit the WOBIK site and get a glimpse of the ObamaFraud.5x project. It is very simple and essentially self-expanatory. Then, they can visit the blog post if they want to view additional details and background information.

  2. Bruce says:

    ‘ObamaFraud.5x’ can seriously DISRUPT the Establishment Elite and Obama Regime TYRANNICAL PLANS for the U.S.A.

    It is designed to bypass our Congress, Courts, and Main Stream Media and deliver an IMPORTANT TRUTH about OBAMA directly to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    Check it out at: WasObamaBornInKenya (dot) com

  3. Bruce says:

    I believe many serious problems related to Obama and the threatened future of this country could be eliminated peacefully and relatively easily if a large number of American patriots could be convinced to aggressively promote and personally work on the ‘ObamaFraud.5x’ project:

    It’s helpful to think of the process and potential ramifications of the ObamaFraud.5x Project, if vigorously pursued:

    -A typical citizen finds under the wiper blade of his or her car, for example, a high-resolution copy of the KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE of President Barack Obama, stapled to a short explanatory cover sheet. That two-page flyer was recently placed there by a ‘neighbor’. Information given on the flyer leads the reader to the website where more information can be easily viewed.

    -Upon viewing the information on that website, IT BECOMES IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS, to anyone possessing the brainpower to solve the equation 1+2+3=6, for example, that:

    —— Obama was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii as he claims. He has been arrogantly lying to the American People for over four years! He very likely is an illegal President. BIG PROBLEM!

    —— Congress, although informed of the matter, has not conducted an investigation. If they can’t deal with something as basic and important as this, what use are they? BIG PROBLEM!

    —— The Main Stream Media has not informed the American People about this serious matter, which could impact National Security. In fact, they have in many cases ridiculed anyone questioning the POTUS eligibility of Obama. BIG PROBLEM!

    – The shocked, scared, but now informed citizen, decides to print up 5 copies of the two-page flyer and place them in nearby, appropriate locations.

    – The process continues, using the awesome power of exponential growth.


    Some of the more SERIOUS PROBLEMS in this country actually START TO GET CORRECTED!

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