Treachery: Lucas D. Smith passes polygraph test. Pedophile FBI informant Joe Sims fails polygraph test.

When I first read of the arrests of the ‘Covert Group’ members Frederick W. Thomas, Emory Dan Roberts, Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Adams that was back in November of 2011 and I nearly immediately sensed that something was peculiar, bizarre and their case smelled like a bucket of old rotten dead fish.

If you’re not familar with my previous reports covering the [Georgia] Covert Group you can review those at the following links:

11.24.2011 United States of America vs Frederick W. Thomas, Emory Dan Roberts, Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Adams.

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12.04.2011 –The Sunday Update. The “Covert Group” and the rapper “T.I.” (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr).

Back to the bucket of old rotten dead fish.   I sensed that the case was fishy because I’ve seen the same sort of fishy federal criminal cases for many years now.

It appears that confidential (no longer confidential) informant Joe Sims is responsible for fabricating the criminal case that the United States of America has brought against Frederick W. Thomas, Emory Dan Roberts, Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Adams.

Joe Sims is in his mid 40s.   At age 18 he married a 14 year old girl.   I don’t have a problem with that but if the Obots have and integrity at all they should have a problem with the said marriage.   At some point later he left for a another woman with two young daughthers (one of which was very young).  Joe Sims married Leann in the year 2000.   Ten years later, in 2010, Leann’s youngest daughter, still a minor, went to the  Anderson County Sheriff in South Carolina to report that her stepfather Joe Sims had been sexually molesting her from the year 2002 thru 2010.

Anderson County Sheriff detectives (South Carolina) searched Sim’s home and impounded his computers.   A subsequently issued arrest warrant (2010) for Sims states that the following was discovered on Sim’s computers: “multiple photographic images … which depicts minors in various stages of undress and also engaged in sexual activity.

In late March, 2010 Joe Sims was charged with six counts of sexual crimes which included “carnal intercourse” with his stepdaughter, molestation of minors and dissemination of child pornography to minors.

Sims fled South Carolina but soon thereafter was apprehended in Maryland and later extradited to South Carolina.

As soon as Sims went to jail he began initiating contact with he FBI.    Sims was in jail on State charges, not federal charges.

Sims was telling stories to the FBI about secret clandestine plans he’d known about since March, 2010 which included a plot by senior citizens to blow up a building in downtown Atlanta.

Sometime in late July or August Scott Matthewson, an agent for the Department of Homeland Security assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Atlanta, began interviewing Joe Sims (in jail) and interviewed him on several occasions.  Agent Scott Matthewson later made plans for  Sims to be polygraphed.  

At some point in August, 2010 Sims was polygraphed.   He failed.

Two months later Joe Sims was bonded out jail.   The bond was $46,000.00.   Joe Sims had been in jail for roughly seven months.

Circumstances surrounding his being bonded out of jail are sketchy, vague and perhaps depthless.   The bondsman’s personal policy, up until the point where he agreed to bond Joe Sims out of jail, was to not bond out sex offenders.   The bondsman says that Sims is the best risk that he has taken and that he knows where Sims is every second of ever single day.    Joe Sim claims that the US Goverment had nothing to do with his being bonded out of jail.  His bondsman and the US Department of Justice both concur.

For the record the FBI agents make deals in dark alleys and damp basements everyday that the upper echelon in the USDOJ know absolutely nothing about.   You can read about that kind of stuff all day long.   Read up on the relatively recently apprehdended James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr. if you’d like several examples.

Moreover, FBI agents routinely recruit confidential informant who are facing State charges (i.e., not Federal charges).   FBI agents, acting on their own, make a call to the county attorney and ask that the charges against so and so be dismissed.  Sometimes those charges are dismissed immediately without prejudice (that means that they can be filed again at will) and sometimes the charged remain pending but are shelved for months or years until the FBI gives the go ahead to the county attorney to dismiss them.

More than two years have passed now since Joe Sims’ was charged in Anderson county, South Carolina, with sex crimes.   Those charges are still pending and there appears to be no court dates scheduled.

When Joe Sims got out of jail he again made contact with Homeland Security Agent, Scott Matthewson.

In December, 2010 Joe Sims, officially, became a confidential informant for the FBI.

This time the FBI wasn’t interested in a group of senior citizens later known as the ‘Covert Group’ and their plot to blow up a building in downtown Atlanta but rather a man named Anthony Howard, a name who Joe Sims had mentioned to his FBI handlers.

Who is this Anthony Howard?  He is a black man.   He was/is a friend of Emory Dan Roberts (senior citizen member of the ‘Covert Group’).    The mainstream media depicts Emory Dan Roberts as a racist white supremecist and they don’t like to mention that he has a  black friend named Anthony Howard or that he regularly went camping with his black friend.

Anthony Howard was also a regular (as were the senior citizens that became known as the ‘Covert Group’) on online militia message boards.   Howard not only was friends with Roberts but also regularly communicated with Frederick W. Thomas.

Joe Sims told his FBI handlers that Anthony Howard was a ‘gun runner’ and that he was using his truck (Howard was a truck driver) to illegally transport guns for a profit.

Anthony Howard also attended a physical meeting with members of what would become, after Joe Sims created the structure and nutured it like new born baby, the ‘Covert Group’.   At this meeting Thomas W. Frederick allegedly made some mention of ‘patriotic assissinations’.  Joe Sims was secretly recording the meeting.

Two weeks later (March, 2011), and after Sim told the FBI about him, Anthony Howard was arrested.   The crime?   Not exactly gun running but rather the possession of two handguns and for possession of child porn on a computer.   He’s since plead guilty and awaits sentencing in jail.  He also may testify regarding the crimes brought against the senior citizens that make up Joe Sim’s ‘Covert Group’.   His testimony?   Something along the lines that the ‘Covert Group’ lacked members, had no real money, and existed nowhere aside for in the heads of the FBI and a couple old senior citizens.

After the FBI heard the alleged comment, ‘patriotic assassinations’, alleged to have been made by Frederick W. Thomas they the FBI became interested, this time serioulsy, in the tale that Joe Sims orginial had contacted them with: a group of old senior citizens that would become known as the ‘Covert Group’.

If you’d like to read more about the real story and how FBI informant Joe Sims fabricated what became known as the ‘Covert Group’ I welcome and implore the readers of the Was Obama Born In Kenya blog to read the Tom Junod‘s excellent work which appeared in Esquire Magazine (btw, I love Esquire Magazine and have been reading it religiously) February 2012 issue (it’s the one with Bill Clinton on the cover).   You can also read the online version of the article, Counter-Terrorism Is Getting Complicated“.

Last week on April 10, 2012 Frederick W. Thomas and Emory Dan Roberts both plead guilty to conspiracy to acquire an unregistered destructive device.  Each of their Plea Agreements are nearly the same word for word and each consists of 9 pages for a total of 18 pages since they were filed together.

To the layman these Plea Agreements might appear insignificant and it might even seem to you that they both got really lucky.  In truth I would now compare them the character Winston Smith after leaving room 101 in the book 1984 by George Orwell.    I’ve downloaded, from PACER, their “Guilty Plea and Plea Agreement” and have uploaded it to my Patriot1980 account for review.

Note that on page 6 and page 15 (which is really page 5 of each of the combined filings) it is stated that, “The Defendant agrees to cooperate truthfully and completely with the Government, including being debriefed…”.

To the layman that probably sounds insignificant.  In truth it means that you tell the US Goverment EVERYTHING that you know, starting from the earliest age that you can remember.  If you can remember age four or five then you start at that age.  You tell them everything that you ever did that could have possibly been illegal.  You also tell them everything that your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, best friends, first girlfriend etc ever did that might have been illegal or immoral.  You also tell the FBI the routine or mundane details such as the jobs that those people held, where they were living at the time, who they were dating and what their favorite color was.

In the end the FBI uses these debriefings to bring criminal charges against other individuals. Criminal charges in which you will be compelled and legally binded to give your testimony within.   Additional charges can be brought against you yourself when crimes that you participated in are brought out during debriefing.   I do note that within Thomas’s and Roberts’ Guilty Plea and Plea Agreement that there is a limited clause which somewhat shields, protects or harbors them from additional charges being brought against them, themselves, from information that they devulged during their debriefing.  That however doesn’t bar criminal charges for violent crimes and any and all crimes unrelated to debriefing data which are discovered, at a later date, from investigations which are opened on the basis of data given during debriefing.   That is, if you mention that a friend of yours is into robbing banks, and if the FBI later arrests that friend now that you’ve informed them of his/her bank robbing activities and he/she, in turn is debriefed and he/she and they state that you, on such and such date, commited such and such crime, you can be charged for that crime.

Then theres the sentencing guidelines which, again, might appear mundane and insignificant to the layman but it truth are a vicious and nefarious means of obstracting false testimony in return for testimony against other individuals, testimony which is more often than not very less than truthful.   A man facing 500 months in the penitentiary tends to jump on a deal which equates to, for example, 30 months off for each occassion that he gives testimony against other individuals.  Suddendly man finds that he has many friends, and even family members, that have certainly and surely broken federal laws and he must do the right thing and give his testimoney against those friends, family members and often individuals that he has never even met but rather that he is only familiar names of but thats a secret that he wont share with the FBI or the Courts.

I could go on and on but, in order to keep this blog report within read friendly parameters I’m going to present their Guilty Pleas and Plea Agreements now for your review:

04.10.2012. Guilty Plea and Plea Agreement. The Covert Group. Frederick W. Thomas and Emory Dan Roberts.

Frederick W. Thomas and Emory Dan Roberts are still in jail as they await sentencing which is nearly itself a trial and is not similiar to sentencing hearing in State courts.

Furthermore it should be noted that the other two members of the ‘Covert Group’, Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Adams, are still awaiting trial and have not plead guilty.   Their next court date (pretrial conference) is scheduled for May 8, 2012:

03.07.2012. Notice Scheduling Hearing (Pretrial Conference). Covert Group. Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Ad…

Pedophile, Joe Sims, fails a FBI administered polygraph test regarding what he allegedly knew regarding four senior citizens and their terror plot yet he manages to get them all thrown in jail and, so far, managed to win two convictions for the USDOJ.   Moreover, Joe Sims is still a free man without a court date even though he was charged more than two years ago with six counts of sexual crimes including molesting his stepdaugther from the year 2002 thru 2010.

If thats not enough to choke your chain then get ready for a more intense irony:

Not yet two full months ago in February, 2012 while in República
Dominicana (the Dominican Republic) I took a polygraph test contracted through an agent of J.A. Lasorsa & Associates and I was nearly killed by agent Tom Worthington after I passed the test proving that Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (1961) certificate of birth (2009 certified copy) was given to me by Chief Administator Merry/Mary Othigo at CPGH on the 19th day of February, 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya.

Days before I’ done some fixing (approx 6000 pesos RD worth) and was attempting to make some additional necesary fixes on my Susuki motorbike when I was offered a deal to trade in my Susuki, with an additional 8,000 peso RD, for a Yamaha RX-Z motorbike.   It was a grand deal (at least for me, I’m not sure why the other party wanted my broke Susuki so much as they did) and there was no way I was turning it down.

The day of my passing the polygraph test with agent Tom  Worthington he tried to kill me inside of a pizza restaurant near the malecon.  I escaped on my new Yahama RZ-Z which can peel out at highspeeds for such a medium-small-sized motorbike.  Traffic along the malecon can be choking at times but somehow agent Tom Worthington managed to keep up with me even when I entered into the Zona Colonial (a place I don’t like because the not-really-real-Dominicans that populate that area swindle, beg, pester and follow tourists 24-7!) where the streets are narrow and if you open up your motorbike without experience in there you might not be able to stop in time to aviod a crash and you might get hurt, injured extremely or you might get splattered on a wall or on a car.  I took agent Tom Worthington through there and by this time it was dark and I nearly crashed several time into cars and walls and I also passed the ‘ruins’ near the only Masonic Lodge that I know of in the entire Dominican Republic.  I wasn’t until I made it near the incline which leads in the direction of the Ozama river that I was able to see a way out that he I didn’t think I could follow me through.   You have to pass through a large area that is intended only for pedestrians (and no I’m not referring to El Conde street).   At the very bottom of this area is an old gate (one of them) that leads to the road that runs along the Ozama river.

When I got to the bottom and inside of the gate I saw three ‘tigres’ (tigre).   Thats the word that is used in the Dominican Republic for what is sort of, but sort of not, what is know in the USA as ‘thugs’ (thug).   A guy can’t realy get his motorbike through this gate (even though it definatelty is wide enough) very quickly because the pavement of brick is slanted and grated in different directions, sort of like a small maze with walls and theres broken glass and other discard that can pop a tire on a motorbike.   When I saw the three tigres in the gate they were looking like they’d just found a meal.   I told them that if this was normal night I would inflict great discomfort upon them and dump them in the river.   Then I seen that one of them had this small shinny silver metal handgun which looked like a really small 380 and it maybe could hold 7 bullets by looking at it.   Thats when I said look if you want I will marry one of your sisters and take her to the United States for free and give her a new life but tonight you cant kill anyone.  (Yes, I really said that).   I then said that there is a guy up top (and I pointed up there to to the area) that is looking at us right now and he is coming down here to follow me once he sees that I can get my motorbike through this gate…at that point I grabbed the piece of crap little silver gun out of this little skinny tigre’s hand and I told them to give me their ID cards (cedula) because if I feel like it I’m coming to visit them sometime.   I then told them to get lost.   I got my Yamaha EX-Z through the gate and then onto the walk area and then onto the road.  I went to cross the one bridge that is a floating bridge and then I ran into some military check point and they wanted to see my papers for the motorbike and my ID card (cedula).   I started talking to them in English and pretended to not know Spanish.   Usually I get waved through when the military sees that I’m a forgeiner and that I cant speak Spanish.   However, tonight that wasn’t happening.  So I got stuck there for like what seemed un unaccountable period time.   During that time I text several friends and told them to meet me ASAP at the floating bridge.   In the mean time there was about 12 military Dominicans all around me and they had some other kid pulled over on his motorbike, as well.  I figured that I was maybe safe here with this crowd of military and on the bridge.  I didn’t make it off the bridge that night until late because another military guy showed up and said that he knows me from another part of town and that he knows that I can speak Spanish but also he said that I was a serious guy and not a troublemaker and that they should let me go.  But this other younger military guy with a lot of rank (I think he bought $$$ the rank if you ask me, wan’t old enough to have earned it) said that he wasn’t letting me pass because he sensed that something about me wasn’t right.   Then my friends showed up and then there was really a problem.   Then the military was asking me why my arm was all messed up.  I told them that I crashed my other motorbike.   After all night and a big crowd I was allowed to drive away and I did so with about 10 or 11 other people.

The next day I took the gun apart and threw it into the ocean.   I took the three ID cards and I put them into the Dominican mail system (INPOSDOM) addressed to the addresses on the card.

I then called J.A. Lasorsa & Associates and told them that their agent Tom Worthington tried to cut my viens open with a razor knife at a pizza place and that I wasn’t set to die for a long time to come and that I was going to expose everyone who was behind this.

That’s not the full story.  Stay tunned for indepth report.

Lucas Daniel Smith   –   04.19.2012

About Lucas Daniel Smith

"The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise...Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters." - Kenneth John Freeman (from his Cambridge dissertation published in 1907)
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10 Responses to Treachery: Lucas D. Smith passes polygraph test. Pedophile FBI informant Joe Sims fails polygraph test.

  1. Bruce says:

    OMG & WOW!

    I’ll skip commenting, for now, on your interesting discourse regarding the FBI informant, Joe Sims, and try to concentrate on understanding your important new statements regarding your own polygraph test taken through an agent of ‘J.A. Lasorsa & Associates’ in the Dominican Republic.

    The following is a quote from your post:

    “Not yet two full months ago in February, 2012 while in República Dominicana (the Dominican Republic) I took a polygraph test contracted through an agent of J.A. Lasorsa & Associates and I was nearly killed by agent Tom Worthington after I passed the test proving that Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (1961) certificate of birth (2009 certified copy) was given to me by Chief Administrator Merry/Mary Othigo at CPGH on the 19th day of February, 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya. (bold emphasis added)

    Congratulations! This is absolutely wonderful news of course, but I certainly am not surprised to learn that you passed the polygraph test regarding your obtaining Obama’s Kenyan BC directly from the birth hospital. The successful polygraph test result simply provides the American People with strong additional support concerning the document’s authenticity.

    I note that you refer to Merry/Mary Othigo as being the ‘Chief Administrator’ at CPGH on February 19, 2009. We all know that the copy certification stamp on the document states ‘Helton Maganga — Chief Administrator’, bears a signature of ‘Helton Maganga’, and the date ‘February 19, 2009’. I believe I recall you stating previously that you met Dr. Othigo at the hospital, although you did not know who she was at the time. You were able to identify her from some subsequently viewed photos.

    Do I understand correctly that you now believe Dr. Othigo WAS the Chief Administrator on February 19th? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the ‘Helton Maganga’ stamp and signature on the certified document copy?

    I did some brief research regarding polygraph testing and the company, J.A. Lasorsa & Associates.

    The company appears to be a 1st class outfit and capable of performing high quality polygraph work, based on the information given on their website.

    The following statement from your post is cause for great concern:

    “The day of my passing the polygraph test with agent Tom Worthington he tried to kill me inside of a pizza restaurant near the malecon.” (OMG!)

    Then follows the ‘chase’ sequence! (WOW!)

    Was Worthington also on a motorbike? I couldn’t tell from your post whether he was running after you or was using some sort of motorized conveyance. I’m glad to hear you were able to escape to relative safety! You mentioned in a previous post, ‘Obot speculation of recent forgery in my US Passport’, 4/3/2012, that you left the DR on a ferry to Puerto Rico.

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but I’m sure others are wondering as well — Were you able to get a written report from Lasorsa confirming that you passed the polygraph test? The entire matter involving you and Worthington, occurring after the test’s completion, obviously complicates the matter immensely. Naturally, I am hoping for the best here!

    I’m now even further convinced your entire amazing story WILL make a great book and movie someday!

    Lucas Daniel Smith will write the book, of course!

    Maybe the influential and patriotic Hollywood film producer, Bettina Viviano, will deliver the movie to the American Public!

    We will all ‘stay tuned’ for your promised, in-depth report!

  2. GreatKim says:

    Lucas Daniel Smith wrote:

    Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (1961) certificate of birth (2009 certified copy) was given to me by Chief Administator Merry/Mary Othigo at CPGH on the 19th day of February, 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya.

    first unequivocal admission that Merry Othigo was the Chief Admin on Feb 19th 2009. It took some time but probably the assistance provided you with official Kenyan records has helped.

    Next: provide a decent equally unequivocal explanation to why another person, Heltan Maganga, yet to be appointed CA, signs and stampds your document on Feb 19th 2009 in his future capacity ?

  3. Bruce says:


    I note that we set a new record of 32 simultaneous visitors to the linked ‘InspectorSmith Forum’ on 4/19/2012, the SAME DAY that this interesting post by Lucas appeared!

  4. Bruce says:

    Another Recent ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Related Case That Indicates the Possibility of FBI Entrapment

    Unmasked: Meet The FBI’s Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch

    Shaquille Azir, 39, was indicted twice during federal cooperation

    The Smoking Gun,


    “The paid informant who helped orchestrate the FBI sting that resulted in the arrest of five anarchists for allegedly plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge is a convicted felon who was arrested on bad check and theft charges in the midst of his cooperation with federal investigators, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    Shaquille Azir, 39, was named in a pair of felony indictments filed in January in Cuyahoga County, according to court records. Azir, who TSG has identified as the informant in the federal bombing case, is accused in the indictments of passing bad checks on July 25, 2011 and December 22, 2011.

    Azir, …., “has been working as a source for the FBI since July 20, 2011,” according to the U.S. District Court complaint filed yesterday against the alleged bomb plotters. Wearing a body recorder, Azir captured the five self-styled anarchists plotting to use C-4 explosive to take down a Cleveland-area bridge.

    Azir arranged for the purchase of the C-4 from an undercover FBI agent. He also fronted the alleged conspirators money for the buy of the material, which had been rendered inert by federal investigators. If the bombing case goes to trial, defense lawyers will certainly portray the 6’ 5”, 350-pound Azir as the plot’s instigator, a snitch who pocketed the FBI’s money to help entrap the five defendants, who range in age from 20 to 35.”

    (bold emphasis added)

  5. Bruce wrote:

    Another Recent ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Related Case That Indicates the Possibility of FBI Entrapment

    Excellent find Bruce. I came across the same when overheard it on the radio a couple of weeks ago and I immediately thought the same! I thought about writing a blog report about it (i.e., splicing it into a report on the ‘Covert Group’) but I didn’t want to take the blog way of course! But now that its caught your eye I am considering mentioning them in my next report on the Covert Group.

    Thank you Bruce!

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  7. Bruce says:

    2 Guilty of Plotting Terrorism at Waffle House

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Rhonda Cook

    Two weeks after they were seated and began hearing testimony, seven men and five women decided in an hour and a half that Samuel Crump, 71, and Ray Adams, 57, were guilty of conspiring to make the deadly toxin ricin and of possessing a biological toxin for use as a weapon. The jury, however, acquitted Adams of a third charge of making ricin. The two guilty verdicts could get Crump and Adams life in prison.
    Much of the case hinged on the informant who contacted federal agents in March 2010 from a jail cell in Anderson County, S.C., where he was being held on several charges, including that he molested his two step-daughters. Once he was out on bond, Joe Sims befriended the four.
    FBI agents testified that they did not promise to help Sims with his criminal charges. They agree only to tell the judge in his South Carolina case that Sims had helped investigate suspected domestic terrorists. Eventually the molestation charge was dropped, and Sims was sentenced to a year in prison and given credit for the 219 days he had spent in prison.

    Prosecutors said Friday that Sims was being “considered” for the federal witness protection program.

  8. Lee Roy Jenkins says:

    Except that lie detectors are not reliable enough to be used as admissible evidence.

  9. Lucas is a Con ( and not even an artist at it ) says:

    Why would a person have to take a lie detector test to prove that they went to a country? There would be actual documentation to prove that. A visa from the country. Immunization records since you can’t get into Kenya without proof that you have been immunized against certain diseases. There would also be entry and exit stamps in your passport. So why take a lie detector test when you would have all of these other items as proof?

    What a wild imagination. But I guess when you’re conning people out of their money, you have to be able to come up with imaginary stories.

  10. Krista says:

    Dr Brian Neil Talarico North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, an possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian. Works for north east mental health centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: North East Mental Health Centre, North Bay Campus Highway 11 North, North Bay Ontario P1B 8L1, and now works for Act 2, North Bay.

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