The Weekend Birth Certificate Review: Republic of Cuba (Republica de Cuba)!

Gretel Joan Salinas born in Cuba

The Weekend Birth Certificate Review is back!  As you may remember the first edition (The Weekend Birth Certificate Review: Orville Asa Turpin – born July 1st, 1889 in Des Moines, Iowa.) and second edition (The Weekend Birth Certificate Review: Chinese Birth Permit.) of the Weekend Birth Certificate Review were published in June 2013. 

The weekends are sometimes slow days here at the WOBIK blog and we decided that nothing heavy, intricate or difficult to understand should be published on Saturdays and Sundays.

This is the third edition of the Weekend Birth Certificate Review and we are featuring, above and attached below (front side & back side), an exceedingly rare exceptionally official Certificate of Birth from Cuba:

Gretel Joan Salinas birth certificate Cuba front

Gretel Joan Salinas birth certificate Cuba backI own the foregoing birth certificate and for purposes of peer review and historical record I now disclose and display it, for the entire world, here on the WOBIK blog.

The birth certificate (Certificacion De Nacimiento) was issued on the 4th day of January in the year 2007 for a baby girl, Gretel Joan Salinas, who was born on the 25th day of September in the year 1981.

It appears, indicated on the document itself, that Gretel Joan Salinas was born at the Plaza de la Revolución in the city of Habana (typically spelled “Havana” in English).  The Plaza de la Revolución is pictured below (Che Guevara on the left and José Martí on the right):

Plaza de la revolucion Cuba Che Guevara y  José Martí

The exceptionally official Cuban birth certificate contains the following government endorsements:

A.   Four (4) Cuban postage stamps.

B.   Two (2) circular ink stamps from the Cuban Ministerio De Justicia, Registro Civil.

C.   Two (2) circular ink stamps from the Cuban Ministerio De Relaciones Exteriores.

D.   One (1) large rectangular ink stamp from the Cuban Ministerio De Relaciones Exteriores.  Contains signature and date.

E.   One (1) large embossed (raised) seal which I cannot read and which is only remotely visible in the above attached scans (front side and back side).    A small segment of the embossed seal can be seen under “DATOS DE LA INSCRIPTION” near the “…Joan Salinas” (of “Gretel Joan Salinas”).

F.   Said document has an ink stamped certificate number which appears to be 072315 (although the zero might be a six) and also, directly above that number, an additional ink stamped number listed as 00635.    The document also indicates that the original birth record was recorded in Volume 1, page 469 for the year 1981.

G.   Said document was signed (I cannot read the signature) by the Registrador Del Estado Civil.

H.    Two (2) circular ink stamps from Embajada (Embassy) de Chile (i.e., the country Chile).

As is expected with any birth record the Cuban document lists the names of child’s father (Esteban Ernesto Joan Fernández) and mother (Ladelina Salinas Lorales) but also, and somewhat intriguing, lists the names of paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents:

Paternal Grandparents:     Ernesto and Lorcedes.

Maternal Grandparents:    Alfredo and Julia.

DISCLAIMER:  Unlike standard reports here at the WOBIK blog The Weekend Birth Certificate Review may contain errors, mistranslations, flaws and other imperfections.  Strict scrutiny and close examination which are applicable to standard reports are not necessarily applied to The Weekend Birth Certificate Review.

Please exercise your free speech in the comments section below. There are no stipulations of political correctness on this blog. Speak your mind, give us your thoughts, both objective and subjective. Share your ideas, hunches, inklings or your expertise. Please provide recommendation and corrections if you spot errors in fact within the blog report. Lastly, remember that posting a comment is much like casting a vote, so please do so.

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16 Responses to The Weekend Birth Certificate Review: Republic of Cuba (Republica de Cuba)!

  1. D. One (1) large rectangular ink stamp from the Cuban Ministerio De Relaciones Exteriores. Contains signature and date.”

    Its appears that this particular ink stamp may be Cuba’s version of what many other countries term as an “Apostille”.

    The Apostille convention , or the Apostille treaty, was established by the Hague Conference in the year 1961 on Private International Law.

    In layman terms an Apostille is an additional stamp & signature on a document from one country which will be used, officially, in another country.

    I believe that all US States have Apostille service available and that typically these certifications are issued by the State’s Secretary of State.

    For example, a State or county certified birth certificate typically also needs an Apostille from that States’s Secretary of State if the said birth certificate is intended for official use abroad in another country. Some states affix the Apostille stamp & signature on the document itself while others issue a separate document (with stamp & signature) which certifies the first document.

    Cuba has not acceded (there are other countries who haven’t either) to the Apostille convention/treaty.

  2. smrstrauss says:

    It would be easy to prove that you had gone to Kenya to help confirm your claim that you got Obama’s “Kenyan birth certificate” there if you showed your passport with a Kenyan stamp on it. But you never have done that. (I wonder why not.)

    And the officials of Kenya say that they investigated and that Obama was not born there, and the birth certificate of Obama in Hawaii (confirmed by the officials of both parties in Hawaii, and the Index Data and the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers sent to the “Health Bureau Statistics” section of the newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 all show that Obama was born in Hawaii.

  3. Bruce says:

    The following link gives the Telefonos de Hospitales en Ciudad de la Habana

    I located on the phone list the following two ‘Hospitals Gineco-Obstétrico’ located on the Plaza de la Revolución. I suspect that the baby named ‘Gretel Joan Salinas’ discussed in the post was probably born at one of these hospitals on September 25, 1981.

    Judging by the vast difference in appearance between the two hospitals and the high quality of the birth certificate posted, my best guess is that she was born at Hospital Ginecobstétrico América Arias

    Photos of the two hospitals are shown beneath their respective listings.

    Hospital Ginecobstétrico América Arias
    Dirección:Línea y G, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución
    Provincia:Ciudad de La Habana
    Teléfonos:Pizarra: (537) 8382734
    Información: (537) 8382739

     photo HospitalGineco-ObstetricoAmericaAriasHavanaCuba_zpscd7defe9.jpg

    Hospital Ginecobstétrico Clodomira Acosta
    Dirección:Calle 19 No.959, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución
    Provincia:Ciudad de La Habana
    Teléfonos:Pizarra: (537) 8382910
    Correo electró

     photo hospital-gineco-obstc3a9trico-clodomira-acosta-noviembre-2011_zpsda948eb2.jpg

    I tried to locate some Hospital Birth Certificate Images of documents produced at the above two hospitals but was unsuccessful.


    On a lighter but related note, check out the following entry which was posted on the La verdad es ahora blog:


  4. Donald Youngs revenge says:

    @ smrstrauss: Hey moron, do you copy and paste much? Your off topic idiot. Your comment has nothing to do with Cuba.

  5. smrstrauss says:

    Cuba has nothing to do with Obama’s place of birth, which was not Kenya. In fact, it was HAWAII.

  6. Donald Youngs revenge says:

    @ smrstrauss: Hello!!! Hey moron, the thread is about a birth certificate from Cuba. Not connected to the usurper in any way. Only an idiot would bring Barry into it. You obots are freakin screwballs.

  7. smrstrauss says:

    Re: Allegation that this is only about the birth certificates in Cuba and ” Only an idiot would bring Barry into it.”

    If you look at the top of this page, you will see a picture of a birth certificate (apparently Cuban) and beside it a laptop computer and on the screen of the laptop computer an image of Barack Obama and under that image the words “born in Kenya.”

  8. Donald Youngs revenge says:

    @ smrstrauss: Are you freakin kidding me? Your statement is both moronic and an example of convoluted rational. You must really hate Mr. Smith to use something as minuscule as that image at the top of the thread to link the thread with Barry. You sir/madame are a great example of an Barry fanatic. Bet you fit in quite well over at fogblow and Dr. conspiracy. Not so much here.

  9. smrstrauss says:

    Smith has published a birth certificate that he alleges was Obama’s and he claims that he got it in Kenya. He has an image on his page that shows his claim “Obama born in Kenya.” Yet he does not show proof that he went to Kenya. He CLAIMS to have gone to Kenya and yet he refuses to show proof. These are facts. Smith deserves to be reminded of the fact that he claimed to have gotten Obama’s birth certificate in Kenya but has never proven that he went to Kenya. He could correct that fact here, or on another site. But so far he hasn’t——-I wonder why not?

  10. Montana says:

    The Birthers/ Teabaggers have no evidence that would stand up in a court of law in the United States. To all the Birthers in internet land, its upon you to prove to all of us (the majority) that what you are saying is true. Take it to court you bunch of cowards!

    Let me be clear none of these Birther/ Teabaggers dullards have taken there “Birther Documents of facts, more like lies” and none have won a case in the “U.S. Courts”, maybe in their simple minds (if they have any) but not in our “U.S. Courts”, so unless Birthers/ Teabaggers, whatever you want to be called, win a court case, we will continue to see as dullards, liars or racist or maybe all three. Deal with the real truth baby!

    To all the Teabaggers / Birthers/ Chicken Littles that keep saying that the sky is falling, and the Unites States will fail, never count against the United States of America, we are coming back and you and your losers are wrong!

  11. Rambo Ike says:

    @ Montana:

    As far as being a Constitutional Republic the sky has been falling during the totalitarian reign of marxist Obama.

    Polls showed after the April 2011 released of what Obama operatives claim is a copy of his birth record on file at the HDoH a majority of Americans are not convinced he is telling the truth.

    Cowards? Such hypocrisy from the minds of Obots like yourself who have mentally attached their lips to Obama’s anus. Over 200 court cases and your dear leader Obama, the Kenyan WonderBoy, has refused to bring the evidence you all are claiming is the proof. He’s made a fool out of all of yas.

    More hypocrisy: After the elections Obama’s loyal ass kissers claimed the American people had standing and the vote was the final word. In the courts it has been a different story. These kangaroo-styled courts that border on being Moscow Show Trials the same American people have been denied standing when bringing their lawsuits against your Dear Leader.

    Is Obama truly the afro-marxist muslim messiah, “The One” the world has been waiting for? According to Obama he is a product of 2 people being inspired by a 1965 civil rights march which led to his birth in 1961. Truly a miracle for the ages. “Praise be to The One”.

  12. Alvaro Uribe says:

    The cuban birth certificate is correct. Those are not postal stamps, they are fiscal stamps, used by the government to colect the dues for issuing the document: 5 pesos for the certificate and 20 pesos for making it valid outside Cuba.
    Plaza de la Revolucion as place of birth refers correctly to one of the 15 Municipalities (townships) of La Habana where the square of the same name is also located. Only the first names of the grandparents are recorded, if known. Last names would be highly suspicious. The document was properly authenticated by the Minjus, Ministry of Justice and later by the Minrex, Ministry of Foreign affairs as required cronologicaly. The chilean embassy in Cuba then autheticated the signature and seal of the Minrex to be recognized in Chile. Everything appears to be done by the book.
    Hope I helped.

  13. @ Alvaro Uribe:

    Thank you for this helpful information!

  14. Scott says:

    anybody monitoring this blog anymore??? was hoping for some info on value of a cuban birth cert… I own one just seen above but from 3/10/1969

  15. Bruce says:

    Scott wrote:

    info on value of a cuban birth cert… I own one just seen above but from 3/10/1969

    I don’t have the information you seek. I checked the ebay site and observed their following CURRENT (January 1, 2018) policy —

    Not Allowed: Birth certificates or a completed applications for a birth certificate

    Note: It is my understanding that the above cited ebay policy was not in effect when Lucas Daniel Smith originally posted a copy there of the CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC AUGUST 4, 1961 BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, which he personally obtained at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya on February 9, 2009

  16. We may have to renew The Weekend Birth Certificate Review for a new season in 2018!

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