Russian television displays images of Barack Obama’s 1961 Kenyan, Coast Province General Hospital, birth certificate.

The video below was uploaded, on October 16th, 2011, to attorney Orly Taitz’s youtube channel DrOrlyTV.

Images of the 2009 certified copy of Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, birth certificate are displayed at 2:29 thru 2:32 and also 9:48 thru 9:49.

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8 Responses to Russian television displays images of Barack Obama’s 1961 Kenyan, Coast Province General Hospital, birth certificate.

  1. Bruce says:

    The Russian television video is extremely interesting! I’d love to know the meaning of the statements being made, especially what was being discussed while the CPGH-BC image was being shown! Perhaps some capable individual can provide us at least a partial transcript of the program highlights in English.

    It is a tragedy that we CAN freely view images of Obama’s Authentic Kenyan BC and our own shamefully-treated LTC Terry Lakin on RUSSIAN TV but these matters are NOT being discussed by the MSM American media.

    I certainly do NOT trust the state-controlled Russian media, and believe they probably have some sinister agenda of their own in conducting these discussions and showing these images. However, the USA is still being ‘advertised’ as the ‘Land of the Free’ and the ‘Home of the Brave’. We need to get back to our roots!

    Regretfully, I have not seen much evidence of ‘bravery’ being exhibited in recent years regarding Obama’s obvious ineligibility issue by our MSM or our duly constituted authorities, either civilian or military. Notable exceptions to this are Maricopa County AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NH State Representative Harry Accornero.

    If a significant number of other brave, influential and politically-powerful citizens do not soon step forward speaking the TRUTH, the American People will remain ignorant right through the 2012 elections regarding: ‘Barack Hussein Obama — Kenyan-Born Illegal POTUS and the Personification of Fraud’.

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” — Thomas Jefferson

  2. SamSewell says:

    Here is some initial translation:

    Studio of Igor Prokopenko

    A large scandal is heating up in USA as several hundreds of military personnel refused to go to Afghanistan. The American guys picked quite an original method to avoid the call – they claim that the president and also CIC has been elected unlawfully and so, if they comply with his orders they can become military criminals. The whole problem is in the mystery of birth of the first dark-skinned president. There are unabating rumors that Obama was born not in the USA but in Kenya while the president can only be somebody who was born in the USA. Our report from the USA will bring details of this complicated story.

    This is Stefan Cook, the US citizen from Florida. In the 80s he was on the active military service with the ground US forces. In the beginning of 90s he was sent to reserve. He graduated from a technical university and became an engineer. In June 2009 he received a call to return to the active military service and be sent to Afghanistan. But Major Cook refused to comply with the order because this order in his opinion was invalid because the CIC was elected unlawfully which means that his orders are also unlawful. Then he shown with Orly Taitz and says that if he follows illegal orders and gets captured he can be tried by a military tribunal and if I become a POV that I’ll not be covered by the Geneva convention.

    Then Orly starts telling us that Cook is a Major and he served in Afghanistan, Central America. He wrote to Orly and asked her to represent him .

    Orly Taitz is a lawyer from Los Angeles who represents about 200 military personnel who refuse to obey the orders of the CIC Obama. Along with friends, retired investigators from the Scotland Yard she conducted an independent investigation and claims that BHO is a usurper. And here is the main proof – supposedly, an original birth certificate which, according to Orly, she succeeded to obtain in Kenya.


    I can translate more, but this is obviously quite an old a report and I don’t think that it’s very useful.

  3. Bruce says:

    @ SamSewell:
    Sam, thanks so much! That is extremely helpful!

    — From your translation, regarding the image shown of Obama’s Kenyan BC from the Coast Province General Hospital —

    “And here is the main proof – supposedly, an original birth certificate which, according to Orly, she succeeded to obtain in Kenya.”

  4. Arizona Patriot says:

    Here is the full translation…
    The Russian TV show “Military secret:

    Victor Prokopenko: A serious scandal emerges in the US. Several hundred military servicemen refused to travel into Afghanistan. [He is confused. He really means the reservists who have never been even ordered to travel into Afghanistan – A.G.]. In order to motivate their refusal to arrive into a hot spot, the American guys chose rather an unusual pretext. They claim that Barack Obama – who is simultaneously the Commander-in-Chief – was elected illegally. Therefore if they obey his orders, they become military criminals.

    At issue is a secret of birth of the first black president. According to rumors Barak Obama was born not in the US but in Kenya. The US Constitution requires that the presidential contenders be natural born citizens. Details of this weird story are to be presented in the following report from the USA.

    (Another voice)

    This is Major Stephen Cook, a citizen from Florida. In the 1980s he was a staff military, having his military career in infantry regiments. In the 1990s he was transferred into the reserve units. Having numerous awards, this military officer had graduated a technical university and became an engineer.

    It was not until 2009 when this military officer in the reserve received a notice to report to his active military service and arrive into into Afghanistan. However Major Cook refused to obey this order which he believed was illegal because the order originated from the illegally elected Commander-in-Chief.

    If soldiers follow illegal orders, they may be prosecuted, and if they are captured they are not under protection of the Geneva Convention.

    (Orly is speaking)

    “Stephen Cook is a Major. He had served already in Afghanistan, and in Central America. He wrote me that he would like me to represent him.”

    – says Orly Taitz, an attorney from Los Angeles, who represents already 200 militaries [in reserve – A.G.] who too do not wish to obey the orders of the Commander-in-Chief Obama. She and her assistants – retired detectives from Scotland Yard – conducted their own investigation, coming to a conclusion that Barak Obama is an impostor.

    And here is a main proof – allegedly genuine birth certificate from Kenya, which states that a baby Obama was born in 1961 in Kenya. According to America law this means that Obama cannot be a president. According to the Constitution, only a native born person [they confused it with natural born – A.G.] may be elected a president. Therefore all his actions and executive orders are null and void.

    (Orly is speaking)

    The problem is that there is no valid Birth Certificate of Obama ever examined by officials. All that Obama displayed was a so called a Certification of a life birth, which was issued in 2007 when he began campaigning.

    (Man’s voice)

    It was exactly this document that Obama displayed at the beginning of his presidential campaign. It states that Barak Hussein Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the states of the US, therefore Obama is eligible to be a presidential contender.

    However in Orly’s opinion, this Certification of a life birth was a forgery, while the genuine birth certificate must be in Kenya.

    In order to determine the truth, she asked the court hearing the Major Cook case to subpoena Kenya and allow the expertise of the Obama’s birth record. Yet the court issued rather a strange ruling: to cancel mobilization of Major Cook.

    (Orly is speaking)

    His order to report in Afghanistan has been changed. Instead he received another order that he must not go to Afghanistan.

    (Man’s voice)

    In the process of investigation conducted by attorney Taitz, she figured out even more shocking evidence. It appeared that Obama had had several tens of fake IDs.

    (Orly is speaking)

    We used commonly accessible data bases, in which there were about 140 different addresses linked to Barak and Michelle Obama, and multiple Social Security numbers in his name. The one he currently uses belongs to a dead person (which would be 120 years old today).

    (Man’s voice)

    In attempt to get justice in the most democratic nation of the world, a group of military persons decided to attract attention of the mass media. To their frustration, even the media considered oppositional refused to cover anything related to illegitimacy of Obama. They believe it happens this way because American media is owned by the islamic financial circles, which seated Obama into the White House in the first place.

    (Speaks Neil Turner)

    Why does even the so called conservative TV Fox News refuse to touch the ineligibility issue? Because a significant part of it is owned by Saudi Princes and is under their influence. And yes, Obama is a moslem, that was figured out. Therefore we have a huge conspiracy of silence.

    (Man’s voice)

    Neil Turner is a former military too. 20 years ago he served in US Air Force as a military pilot. In his words, Barak Obama is a moslem – in spite of his declaration that he is a Christian. One of the proof that Obama is a moslem is a deep bow to Saudi King during his visit in 2009.

    (Orly speaks)

    It is unheard of that an American President bows to anybody, particularly to the Saudi King. To the King of the country from where 15 of the 19 perpetrators of the 9/11 attack originate. [In this place Orly mispronounced the numbers erroneously (11), so I have corrected this – A.G. ]

    (Man’s voice)

    It is particularly painful issue for the USA which suffered so tragic and devastating attack from islamic terrorists on 9/11. This is one of the reasons that Obama’s opponents try to find more proofs that Obama in fact favors islam.

    (Orly speaks)

    A well known head of Brooklyn Borough [Mosque] told in an interview recorded on YouTube, that Al Mansur, an important islamic figure in the US came to him asking for a good reference to Obama applying to the Harvard University. During that conversation, Al Mansur told that the Saudi royal family backs Obama both morally and financially.

    (Man’s voice)

    At the beginning of 2009 Condolissa Rice mentioned that somebody attempted to gain illegal entry into the Data Base of the Department of State, trying to copy the passport data of Hillary Clinton, John MacCain and Barak Obama. A few months late a newspaper Washington Times reported about the first findings of the investigation. FBI figured out the suspect, who happened to be an American military Quarles Harris. He agreed to cooperate with the investigation and provide all the required information. However this investigation was closed, because soon Quarles Harris was found dead in his own office.

    Opponents of Obama do not buy as though that murder was a mere coincidence.

    (Speaks Neil Turner)

    The attempt was made in order to obtain the passport data of Obama, because that would be one more proof of his illegitimacy. They wished to kill Quarles because he was ready to reveal that information. This crime will never be resolved.

    (Man’s voice)

    Two weeks later December 14 there will be the most important trial in America: the military trial, not civil. The court will hear the case of this person, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who, unlike the other military questioning Obama, is on the active duty rather than in the reserve. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is a military doctor, who has been serving for 19 years, decorated with many medals of honor. He refused to obey the order and report second time into Afghanistan.

    (Speaks Lakin)

    First time in my long career of service to our great nation I must disobey all the orders originated from my Commander-in-Chief including the recent one to move into Afghanistan.

    Victor Prokopenko:

    We must say that the doubts about legitimacy of Obama’s presidency expressed by some of American journalists cost them their job. It is not our business, however it seems to us that the most natural way to stop ugly insinuations about legitimacy of Obama would be to produce his authentic birth certificate. Instead Obama behaves not like an American: he makes everybody belive as though nothing happens. We do not know whether it is coincidence, yet several other militaries related to this story have died. One – as result of heart attack, another – because of assault of hooligans, and another – in a car accident.

  5. Bruce says:

    @ Arizona Patriot:
    That is FANTASTIC! We will now need to carefully evaluate the full transcrip, which you have provided! Thanks so much!

  6. Bruce says:

    Concerned Americans have tried in vain for over three years to obtain official proof about one simple fact — namely, WHERE on earth, Barack Hussein Obama III, their elected President and Commander in Chief of their Military, was ACTUALLY BORN.

    This CRITICALLY IMPORTANT MATTER, WHICH IMPACTS OBAMA’S CONSTITUTIONAL ELIGIBILITY FOR THE OFFICE, continues to be either hidden, ignored or ridiculed by ALL of our own MSM!

    The first accurate MSM answer of any kind I have ever seen to the above question now appears in the just posted TRANSLATION FROM A RUSSIAN TV PROGRAM!

    The transcript states, while an image of the CPGH-BC is being shown —


    It is obvious that conditions in this country have deteriorated much further since Ronald Reagan stated the following, as a newly announced candidate for the Presidency, prior to defeating the disastrous incumbent, Jimmy Carter, in the election of 1980. I believe the situation has deteriorated so far since then, in fact, that it is no longer a matter of saving our Constitutional Republic; It is now a matter of REGAINING IT! — and regain it we shall!

    “A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill”
    Ronald Reagan: November 1979

  7. @ Arizona Patriot:

    Thank you very much for providing us with a Russian-to-English translation!

  8. Bruce says:

    An added convenience —

    The following link is to a Russian video essentially the same as the one originally posted here, except that it incorporates the English translation overlay. It was uploaded 11/13/11 by IroquoisChief under the title, “Russia TV — OBAMA’S TREASON – Nov. 2011.

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