Pregnant actress Ava Gardner flew, both to and from, Kenya in 1952.

Stanley Ann Dunham was not the first pregnant white American women to visit colonial and protectorial Kenya.   Moreover, she wasn’t the first pregnant white American women to fly, via aircraft, both into and out of Kenya.

Nearly nine (9) years before Dunham arrived in Kenya there was Ava Gardner (1922 – 1990).

I wholeheartedly believe that women should be free to do what they please with their bodies, e.g., sexual intercourse, nudism and abortion.   I’m particularly fond of the, “If I wanted the Government in womb I’d fuck a Senator,” T-shirts.   I believe that women should be free to sleep with as many men, or women for that matter, as the desire or crave.

However, as with all actions there is always a reaction or a consequence of that action.   If you are a loose women you could end up pregnant not knowing which sexual partner is the biological father of your child.  You could be labeled by your peers as a whore.   You could be looked down upon by your peers.  You could be looked over as marriage material.   You could become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.  You could become the target of tunnel-visioned rage (physical attack) perpetrated by one or more jealous lovers.

The way I, Inspector Smith, see it is that if you are seeking a strictly sexual relationship with no strings attached you might enjoy bedding down with women much like Ava Lavinia Gardner and Stanley Ann Dunham.   However, if you are looking for love and an exclusive sexual relationship or serial monogamy you should probably not expect to find any of that with the Ava Gardners or Stanley Ann Dunhams.  Moreover, chances are that if such women do fall into something like love it will invariably be with a man, or woman for that matter, who has not shown love (other than physical) to them.

If you don’t get it yet then I suggest listening the the song, “Turtles and Whores“.   I heard this song while listening to the Bob & Tom morning radio show (I don’t particularly enjoy their radio show but once upon a time it was compulsory that I involuntarily listen to it each morning):

Ava Gardner and her husband Frank Sinatra celebrated their one (1) year wedding anniversary in 1952 while filming “Mogambo” in colonial Kenya.   It appears, according to Lee Server’s book (2007), “Ava Gardner: Love Is Nothing“, that Gardner discovered that she was pregnant (not sure how many months along) in November, 1952 while in Kenya at the start of the filming.

After each day of filming Gardner bathed in a bathtub set up and filled by the native Kenyan boy assigned to her. When the British colonial government complained about her appearing naked before the Kenyan natives while bathing, she laughed, threw off her clothes and paraded naked through the camp.

It should also be noted that directly prior to arriving in Africa, while still in the United States, there were reports claiming that after a house party Sinatra found his wife Gardner in bed with actress Lana Turner:

There are also reports to the effect that Sinatra caught his wife and Turner giggling over the sexual prowess of musician Artie Shaw, to whom both women had been married.

Ava Gardner also reputedly had an affair with Bunny Allen while filming in Kenya, despite the presence of her husband Sinatra.   Bunny Allen was a white hunter appointed to shoot elephants (WTF!) for the film’s star, Clark Gable.

Gardner aborted her unborn baby sometime in November or December of 1952 after Garnder flew, via aircraft, with the wife of Robert Surtees (Magambo’s director of photography in Africa), to London, England to a clinic/hospital where the abortion was conducted.   Approximate dating and location of the abortion is mentioned in Lee Server’s book.

At some point in Garnder’s life she also had another abortion.  She had no children.

We’ve learned here within this report that we don’t know with any degree of certainty who that father of Gardner’s baby was when she pregnant in Kenya in 1952.  We’ve also learned that she flew in 1952, with witnesses, both to and from Kenya while pregnant with child.

We also know, from my previous report, “Frank Sinatra in Kenya and Bruce Steadman in Georgia.“, that during that period, i.e., 1952, flight time from colonial/protectorial Kenya to Hollywood, California (USA) could take less than 36 hours.


1.  Stanley Ann Dunham wasn’t the first pregnant white American women to fly to colonial/protectorial Kenya.

2.  Recorded flight durations, in 1952, from Kenya to the United States: less than 36 hours.

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7 Responses to Pregnant actress Ava Gardner flew, both to and from, Kenya in 1952.

  1. Bed buddies? Ava Gardner and Lana Turner:

  2. Bruce says:

    Let the record show that I respectfully disagree with LDS regarding the following, concluding statement made in his post –

    “1. Stanley Ann Dunham wasn’t the first pregnant white American women to fly to colonial/protectorial Kenya.”

    I believe that a pregnant Ann Dunham did not travel by AIRLINE from Hawaii to Kenya but, instead, took a leisurely trip on an OCEAN LINER somewhat as outlined below:

    Sometime in the approximate time period, February 1961 to April 1961: Ann, pregnant and now embarrassingly starting to show it, departs ALONE from Hawaii, via passenger cruise SHIP, ( ) and slowly heads across the ocean toward Kenya, with the intent of giving the baby to the Kenyan relatives of BHO Sr. for adoption. An extended sea voyage by Ann to Kenya, starting in the Spring of 1961, would help explain why there have not been any photos of her, while pregnant in Hawaii, publicly released. ( )




    An ocean voyage from Hawaii to Kenya would have had two major advantages for Ann compared to air travel:

    (1) It would have gotten her out of Hawaii and ‘out of sight’ BEFORE she started to appear visibly pregnant, thus avoiding shame and embarrassment for her and her parents. Of course, she COULD have flown to Kenya in the spring of 1961 but there would be no real reason to do this. An extended ocean voyage to Kenya, including several stops in foreign ports, would have been fun and interesting for an 18-year-old, adventuresome woman. There was no reason to dash via airline to make the trip in 48 hours or so.

    For example – See Line 42 in the above mentioned ocean liner sailing schedule ( ). Depart from Honolulu, USA, March 7, with stops at Yokohama, Hong Kong, Saigon, Singapore, Colombo, Bombay, Seychelles, and arrive at Mombasa, Kenya, April 25.

    (2) Travel by ship to Kenya would have been considerably less expensive than travel by air. Time expended was not a concern for Ann. Basically, she needed to WASTE TIME, unseen in her pregnant condition by her friends in Hawaii, until her baby was born. Many more people traveled long distances via ocean liner back in 1961 than traveled by air.

    The below linked article was written by Dan Crosby 3/23/2012 and appeared in ‘The Daily Pen’


    Note the image reproduced from TABLE 32 shown in the article.

    “Data from the 1962 annual INS report showing no departures of U.S. citizens by air from the U.S. to Kenya between July 1st 1961 and June 30th 1962.”

  3. Bruce says:

    Lucas Daniel Smith wrote:

    Bed buddies? Ava Gardner and Lana Turner:

    I don’t really understand this AC/DC stuff, but Ava sure is IMHRNAMO (in my humble, red-neck, American male’s opinion) one very enticing female:

    Video: The Best of Ava Gardner in Mogambo

  4. Bruce wrote:

    I believe that a pregnant Ann Dunham did not travel by AIRLINE from Hawaii to Kenya but, instead, took a leisurely trip on an OCEAN LINER somewhat as outlined below:

    I agree that Dunham may very well have traveled to Kenya on an ocean liner.

    I guess what I meant my report to reflect is that it would have been possible for Dunham to have traveled expeditiously and competently to (and from) Kenya in 1961.

    Now that I read over my report again I see that it does read as if I purport that Dunham did, indeed, travel to Kenya via aircraft.

    I admit that, at least as of yet, I have not ascertained which mode of transportation Dunham used to travel to Kenya. I have no substantiated evidence to the effect that Dunhan flew via aircraft to Kenya.

    A cruise via ocean liner would have absolutely been an viable option for Dunham in 1961. I am thankful that we have a well laid out theory on record at both the InspectorSmih Forum and the WOBIK blog!

    In closing I want to add for the record that I too don’t understand the AC/DC stuff. However, I do support and advocate women doing entirely as they please or desire with their bodies and that includes the AC/DC stuff.

  5. bob says:

    Lucas Daniel Smith wrote:

    I admit that, at least as of yet, I have not ascertained which mode of transportation Dunham used to travel to Kenya

    What was your mode of transportation to Kenya?

    No, wait. I know. Fantasy Airlines.

    He, Lying Lucas the Superfraud.

    Never been to Kenya.

    Sad little boy. Crying for attention.

    Your make believe life pales in comparison to most peoples reality.

    It must sting.

    Sad, sad little lucas.


    >>> HEY BOOB <<<

  7. KAPT BLASTO says:

    Look, Lucas:

    If the Pro-life Forces, who believe Life begins at Conception (the second the sperm penetrates egg), should have anything to say about it….

    Then, it should be that since Conception took place within an AMERICAN FEMALE….

    then, regardless of whether or not, FOREIGN SPERM was used in the making of Barack…

    The WOMB should be considered AMERICAN AIRSPACE…

    (I mean….if the PRO-LIFE forces logically think about things like this, because…then they would also have to concede that any Conception taking place WITHIN an AMERICAN FEMALE, would also make the CHILD, a “Natural Born American” from the moment of Conception!)

    So, how come more PRO-LIFE forces isn’t supporting Barack against “Birther” reports?

    Is it because….WOMEN just….well….the SOCIETY just can’t have it?

    Or is it more to the idea that SLUTTERY takes away from any POSITIVE POTENTIAL….

    You know….the necessary DOUBLE STANDARD that “Society” must have in place, otherwise the entire fabric of the Universe Unravels quicker…or at least the Fabric of the EGO?

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