Malik Obama (a resident of the USA and Barack Obama’s eldest half-brother) is running for Governor of Siaya in Kenya.

Malik Obama, 54, is the oldest half-brother of de facto president Barack Obama.  They share the same father but Malik’s mother is Kezia Obama, the first wife of Obama Sr.

Malik Obama is a resident of the United States of American and it appears that he has been living in Washington, DC since circa 1985.

Malik is running, as an independent, for Governor of the county (or district) of Siaya, which is located in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.  The capital of Siaya is a town also called Saiya.

The election will be held on March 4th, 2013.   It should be noted that Oburu Odinga, the younger brother of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, is also running for Governor of Siaya.

Malik Obama is the author of the book, “Barack Obama Sr.: The Rise And Life Of A True African Scholar.   I don’t believe that this book has had much, if any, circulation within the birther/obot realm.   I have ordered a copy and after I’ve read it I will publish a review of the book here on WOBIK.

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4 Responses to Malik Obama (a resident of the USA and Barack Obama’s eldest half-brother) is running for Governor of Siaya in Kenya.

  1. Bruce says:

    Apparently, BARACK is not the only Obama who has attempted to keep some very important past events in his life hidden from the public.

    Consider the following two videos regarding his half-brother MALIK, which were posted on two successive days in October 2010 by NTVKenya.

    WTF/LOL – Is ‘OBAMA-STYLE DECEPTION’ like INCEST? – It’s OK as long as you keep it in the family!

    Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010 by NTVKenya

    US President Barack Obama’s half brother is defending his marriage to a form two school girl from Agoro Oyombe secondary school at Nyang’oma, Kogelo. The 19-year old girl eloped with Malik Obama 52, nearly two weeks ago and the two are now living as husband and wife. Malik already has two wives and the teenager becomes the third. And as NTV’s Ouko Okusa reports, Malik was born the same year as the girl’s dad.


    Video: Teenager said to be Malik’s 12th wife

    Uploaded on Oct 16, 2010 by NTVKenya

    Barely a day after Malik Obama, US president Barack Obama’s elder half brother declared publicly his marriage to a form two school girL, NTV has reliably learnt the teenager could be the twelfth woman to live with Malik as husband and wife. In an exclusive interview with NTV, a 32- year- old woman claimed to have been married to Malik for five years and even bore him a son, before she was forced to flee from her matrimonial home.

  2. @ Bruce:

    I was attempting t0 edit your comment to embed your linked videos but I think I might have deleted some part of your comment and maybe even a video (although I think there were only 2 videos mentioned but I thought I saw 3 links). Please look over your comment and verify with me. If anything is missing please advise me and I will fix it ASAP. Thank you Bruce!

  3. Bruce says:

    Lucas Daniel Smith wrote:

    … I might have deleted some part of your comment… If anything is missing please advise me and I will fix it ASAP.

    – Looks perfect, just as you have it.

    btw. I really like the new ‘thumbnail image’ view of YouTube videos you have been able to provide us lately. The photo’s give those comments containing a video an improved, sophisticated look!

    I’m sure the process of converting the video ‘URL link’ over to ‘html’ for viewers takes some of your time but it is REALLY NICE. No doubt there will be many occasions when you will be otherwise occupied and not able to do this, or perhaps just choose not to do so for a variety of reasons.

  4. Bruce says:

    The ‘We the People of the United States’ (WTPOTUS) website has an excellent, comprehensive post regarding Malik Obama, which is linked below.

    The post was started 9/19/2011 by ‘Miri’, but has been updated, and has had some comments added over the last few days.

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