Count Chocula and the Mombasa documents (1932 & 1961).

Yours truly, Inspector Smith aka Lucas Daniel Smith, diligently and studiously laboring away over a bowl of whole grain Count Chocula cereal a cereal which is sometimes manufactured at General Mills in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I typically don’t drink milk (unless I am free for a couple of hours and near an unoccupied bathroom) but for some reason unknown to me I can sometimes drink, like a normal person, strawberry milk manufactured by Nestle.  I use it on cereal too, even my well-liked Count Chocula.  Although in the Caribbean I periodically use a milked-based energy drink called Supelgen which is also manufactured by Nestle.   I also, often invariably, use juice, e.g., apple, grape, cranberry and even orange on my cereal and its all very tasteful and extremely toothsome!

The original 2009 certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, Certificate of Birth is displayed in both the directly above and directly below photographs.   Said photographs were taken by myself today on this the 27th day of December, 2012.

As readers of the WOBIK blog may know the above referenced Certificate of Birth has physically and tangibly passed through the hands of the following, though not limited to, individuals over the course of nearly four (4) years: my friends and compatriots the honorable Bruce Steadman of Georgia and the late Phyllis Rose Vrettos of Louisiana (though born in the grand state of  Illinois), as well as litigation aficionado Charles Edward Lincoln III, attorney Pamela Patterson, attorney Philip J. Berg, attorney Orly Taitz, attorney Mario Apuzzo, my agent Sean Boyer, CEL III’s clerk Peyton Yates Freiman, Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson, investigative reporter William Wagener, Glenn Beck’s reporter Marc Harris, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of US Senator Charles E. Grassley, and Kenyan doctor Merry/Mary Othigo.

Revered, esteemed and highly admired Kenyan doctor Merry/Mary Othigo is pictured (on the left) in the below photograph (2012):

Displayed in the three (3) photographs below are two paper document issued in the year 1932 in Sheriffdom of Mombasa.   I personally own a plethora of, i.e., scores upon scores of, old tangible paper documents from colonial and protectorial East Africa (and other parts of the world).   I often sit on such documents for months, and sometimes years, prior to issuing reports which reference such documents.

With the help of these documents I can attempt to determine such data as paper sizes that were used in Mombasa going back as far as at least 1932.   The dimensions, size and shape of these documents DO NOT dictate or stipulate that of all paper documents issued in protectorial Mombasa but they do however  provide evidence that these particular paper sizes were indeed used.

Other examples of useful data (aside from paper size) which can be pulled from documents such as these are, though by no means limited to, font style, kerning, date formats (both numerical and written), format, geographical names and locations, accepted spellings of names and places, paper composition, signatures, paper cutting method, ink composition, and printing method.

I will report again, preferably by way of a video, with more extensive findings regarding the above referenced 1932 Mombasa documents and many other congruous documents.

Objective minded readers and skeptics are encouraged, welcomed and implored to carry out similar investigations into the confirmation of authenticity of Barack Hussein Obama II’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, Certificate of Birth.   In order to conduct such investigations you’ll need money, free time and you’ll probably have to put on your gumshoe hat and hit the bricks.

Please exercise your free speech in the comments section below. There are no stipulations of political correctness on this blog. Speak your mind, give us your thoughts, both objective and subjective. Share your ideas, hunches, inklings or your expertise. Please provide recommendation and corrections if you spot errors in fact within the blog report. Lastly, remember that posting a comment is much like casting a vote, so please do so!

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