About Lucas Daniel Smith

Picture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – December 23, 2011. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

True, correct and complete name:   Lucas Daniel Smith.

Date of birth:   4th day of the year 1980.

Hometown:   Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A great listener. Positive thinker, very optimistic.

I advocate a society free of property tax other than that of which we pay (one time) when we initially purchase the said property.

My maternal grandfather fought in, and survived, the European Theatre of World War II.

My paternal grandfather, fought in, and survived the Pacific Theatre (Pacific War) of World War II and the Korean War.

Lucas Daniel Smith 2014 the 22nd of AprilPicture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – April 21, 2014. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

lucas daniel smith rio isabela santo domingo Dominicana Mayo 2014

Picture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – May 21, 2014. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

Lucas Daniel Smith Cedar Rapids Iowa

Picture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – July 28, 2013. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

Lucas Daniel Smith Iowa Cedar Rapids

Picture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – July 27, 2013. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

Lucas Daniel Smith motorcycle

Picture above:  Lucas Daniel Smith – July 27, 2013. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

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  1. You should report the TRANSPORT firm for endangering prisoner’s by violating the speed laws plus making prisoner’s urinate in DRINK CUPS when URINAL’S ARE AVAILABLE. Forcing prisoner’s to breathe second hand smoke is unbelievable to say the least.

    After this EXPOSE type document you should ask for another firm to transport you next time.

    Try your local member of Congress with a CONSENT form.

  2. Darin Southam says:

    I like it

  3. J E Shaffer says:

    Required fields are filled in. Just an individual. I have no website.

  4. J E Shaffer says:

    From what I have read today makes me think Fred was depressed and didn’t care about himself, since he has the health issues. He loves our Country and is very upset of the shenanigans of the electorate as many people are. He just didn’t think of the ramifications his family would endure. I hope he doesn’t suffer too much as he is basicly a good guy. He said very kind words to me when I had a death in my family. He was good with words and could speak nice things to people in destress. So my message is to tell people Fred is a good person and friend. This is a side that surprises me and others in his hometown.
    J E

  5. @ J E Shaffer:

    Thank you for your words regarding Frederick W. Thomas.

    I haven’t looked at his case on PACER lately but I believe he is probably a free man (not in prison/jail) by now because he plead guilty a while back and if I remember correctly there was to be no prison time involved.

    I believe I wrote a total of six (6) reports regarding your friend Frederick W. Thomas and his three co defendants. The reports are listed below and links to the same are located directly below each title. Please review each, I believe I have listed them in chronological order starting with the report that you read, and please add as many comments as you’d like.

    You’ll find that some of the reports (maybe all of them) include official filings/documents from Frederick W. Thomas’ (and his co defendants’) criminal case which I pulled directly from PACER.

    I wish I would have continued to report regarding their plight but there is so much to do and my time is often limited. I will see if I can publish something new, and official, regarding your friend.

    For now, please review the following reports and thank you for your comment.

    United States of America vs Frederick W. Thomas, Emory Dan Roberts, Samuel J. Crump and Ray H. Adams.


    Low life criminal informant, currently on bond for pending felony state charges, entraps four Georgia senior citizens to avoid prison sentence.


    The “Covert Group” – 11.21.2011 Detention Order.


    The Sunday Update. The “Covert Group” and the rapper “T.I.” (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr).


    Treachery: Lucas D. Smith passes polygraph test. Pedophile FBI informant Joe Sims fails polygraph test.


    Summer is officially upon us and the senior citizens of the Covert Group are still in custody.


  6. AnonReb says:

    I just found out you are the ONE! whoop whoop! WTG! History shall record your name.
    To be Forced to BUY a PRODUCT is unconstitutional.

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