SSI Exclusive: The Cover-up Stonewall Continues. Eric Holder's ATF Kabuki Play in advance of the February hearing designed to deflect blame from higher ups, including himself. Hoover, Chait and McMahon among the designated sacrificial goats.

Sipsey Street Irregulars

Mike Vanderboegh

DOJ acts on OIG (Office of the Inspector General) report before it is even released.

"Why this one?" "Because he's named in the OIG Report, Holder told me so." "How'd he know? I thought the OIG process was sacrosanct." "Right. . . just slit his throat, will you? There's a whole bunch more to go." "But the OIG Report isn't even out." "Right. Look, if you're not going to slit his throat, hand me the knife."

"Breaking: ATF reportedly relieves Fast and Furious managers prior to OIG report."
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